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Nomination for local council positions open across South Australia

Nominations open today [4-9-2018] for the 2018 Council elections.  Intending candidates can nominate by completing a nomination form available from any council or downloaded by following the links at and lodging with council.

A nominations portal is also being launched on the ECSA website which will allow potential candidates to electronically enter their nomination details before printing and lodging with council.

As part of the nomination process, candidates must submit with their nomination, a profile of up to 150 words, which will be included with ballot packs sent by post to electors between 22 and 26 October 2018.

Candidate Profiles and Photographs (ECSA)
Your nomination cannot be accepted unless it is accompanied by your candidate profile.

The profile must:
1. be accompanied by a statement by you declaring “I take responsibility for the content of the profile”;
2. be signed and dated by you;
3. contain contact details of the candidate being either the candidates address (not being a post office box), an email address or telephone number at which you can be contacted;
4. not be more than 150 words. Manually count the words in your profile and write the word count at the bottom of the profile;
5. be typed or handwritten in legible form;
6. be accurate and not misleading;
7. not contain offensive or obscene material, and
8. not refer to another person who has nominated as a candidate for election to the council (either at the same election or any other election to be held on the same day) without the written consent of that person. Lodge that consent with your profile.

The signature, date and contact details printed at the bottom of your profile do NOT form part of the 150 words.

Electoral Commissioner, Mr Mick Sherry, recommends that intending candidates should nominate early.

“If intending candidates lodge at the last minute, they run the risk of not being able to complete their nomination correctly, which may result in their nomination being rejected”.

Eligible candidates will be nominating in 230 potential elections across 67 South Australian councils, for 689 positions.

Candidates using the internet for promotion must be aware that any material published or broadcast during the election campaign is electoral material and must comply with the requirements of the Act.

Further information about the nomination process and the portal can be found at

Nominations close at 12 noon, Tuesday 18 September 2018.

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