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Readers are welcome to post comments and opinions on any open Forum, where there is scope for sharing or contributing to a key story/article.

  • While open speech and responsibility is encouraged, comments which may be deemed offensive will be removed and comments which  appear confusing may be be subject to minor editing.
  • Comments may be rejected if they are not related to the subject, purely a personal attack,  offensive, repetitious or meaningless.
  • We reserve the right to edit or delete any/or all material.
  • Keep comments as brief and as relevent to the main article as possible
  •  Comments are permitted only because the site operator is letting you post. Any comments will be removed for any reason (which includes the above) and at the absolute discretion of the site operator.
  • Commenting on or comparing information in a main story is generally the point.  The aim is to raise awareness and discuss rather than argue and attack contributors.
  • Those who choose to comment on comments need to be sure they have researched links and information provided by other contributors otherwise comments maybe be deemed meaningless.
  • Comments are the opinions of the authors.  Whilst every care is taken with respect to moderating comments, no warranty is given as to how information may be interpreted and can make no guarantees as to  accuracy of comments or as to the rationality of any of the opinions expressed.
  • While the forum is not constantly monitored, comments will be checked in due course and  attended to.
  • Report comments believed to be offensive by way of the commentry box in the related section.
  • Please use a verifiable email address in case we need to make contact for clarity of meaning for example.  If an attempt is made to contact a contributor and is unsuccessful, a comment may be removed or edited.
  • Above all enjoy your visit     Admin

Newspaper Copyright and Disclaimer Notice

  • Copyright Notice:  At the Coober Pedy Regional Times we’ve been working hard to provide you with interesting, useful and newsworthy information. Please remember that all of the content published by CPRT, including articles, photographs, images, graphics, advertising, layout, printing plate content and related material, is owned by CPRT, or by other information providers who have licensed their content for use in this publication. Additionally, the entire content of the Coober Pedy Regional Times past and present is copyrighted as a collective work under various International Copyright Laws and may not be reproduced without written authorisation.
  • The owner of the collective work is the Coober Pedy Regional Times Newspaper.
  • Disclaimer: Opinions and letters published in The Coober Pedy Regional Times are not necessarily the views of the Editor, or Publisher.  The Coober Pedy Regional Times reserves the right to edit or omit copy, in accordance with newspaper policies. Letters to the Editor must be attributed with a name, address and contact phone number – names and town of origin will be printed, or may be withheld at the Editor’s discretion.  During the course of any election campaign, letters to the editor dealing with election issues or similar material must contain the author’s name and street address (not  PO Box) for publication.”

Website Linking and Content

  • This website may also include links to and/or content syndicated from other sites operated by third parties. Such links and syndicated content are provided as a convenience and as an additional avenue of access to the information contained therein.
  • We have not reviewed all of the information on other sites and are not responsible for the content of any other sites or any products or services that may be offered through other sites. The inclusion of such links or content in no way indicates their endorsement, support or approval of the contents of this site or the policies or positions of site owner
  • The information in this website is provided “AS-IS” with no warranties and confers no rights.  If you see a discrepency you may respond or request an ammendment and if you are a public company or a public servant then a little more clarity in any material which comments might refer, to may irradicate some problems.
  • This disclaimer may be updated from time to time
  • Articles may be updated or removed from time to time
  • No responsibility is taken for content removed from website without authority, permission or by way of screenscraping and screencapture.
  • Letters to the Editor may be submitted by email
  •  Linking to this website or it’s articles in no way implies an association.

Please note:   The Coober Pedy Regional Times has no affiliation with the entities below.  

Competition and Consumer Act 2010 Part 2-1

Misleading or deceptive conduct
Section 18 – Misleading or deceptive conduct
(1) A person must not, in trade or commerce, engage in conduct that is misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive.

Guidelines for linking to the Coober Pedy Regional Times website
You are welcome to put links on your site pointing to Coober Pedy Regional Times website. Please note the following internet requirements for linking.

Under Australian and international law, the material on this website, including all pages, graphics and services, is subject to copyright. You must not:

  • unlawfully use any of our copyright material
  •  pass off content from our site as your own – this includes the practice of ‘framing’ our site within another site as well as copying and re-using parts of the site
  • Use  the Coober Pedy Regional Times logo/masthead
  • It was disappointing recently [March/April 2010] to find a copyright photograph belonging to and photographed by the editor of the Coober Pedy Regional Times and displayed on the Australian Explore website at http://www.australianexplorer.com/events/9128611/profile.htm
  • Australian Explore did not request permission to use this photograph with or without credits.  This is unlawful use of our copyright material.  All abusers, if found to have no contact details on their website will be posted here.

Accessible may not mean useable
Mike Hoeflich

Please note

  •  the use of the Coober Pedy Regional Times logo/masthead is not authorised for any ventures except those through sponsorship and by arrangement.
  • If you have any questions please contact us via the box below.
  • Websites or entities claiming to be affiliated with the Coober Pedy Regional Times Newspaper are not affilliated unless by consent.

I reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract or commercial agreement that I did not enter knowingly, willingly, voluntarily and intentionally. And, furthermore, I do not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any un-revealed contract or commercial agreement.
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