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  1. Dear Margaret

    You have NO rights to put out program in the paper without approval from the CEO regarding Umoona Tjutagku health programs. This is not a program of desert dragons or any other inwhich you falsely report. So I ask you to take down this article and photos down that you falsely advertise immediately. You will be provided with a legal letter if you fail to take this down by tomorrow. This is event is coordinated by Umoona TJUTAGKU health service.
    Our lawyer will be contacting you soon. We will be taking this seriously.

    Harmony Day is celebrated throughout Australia on 21 March. It has become a significant day of the year when Australians are encouraged to celebrate the cultural diversity of our country.

    Coober Pedy in itself is a celebration of multicultural inclusion. Harmony Day is a reinforcement of this respect and an opportunity to come together for a social event.

    Some of the events held on the town oval on Harmony/Family Day, were a kids soccer game, a relay sack race, and a senior soccer game.
    Volunteers worked tirelessly to ensure that families had a wonderful time. With the extended summer in the outback the atmosphere was warm and inviting and people were able to enjoy a variety foods.

    Photo: Ned Berovic and the Coober Pedy Desert Dragons Soccer Team at Harmony Day. The soccer team is a broad mix of nationalities
    Photo: Cristel, Lydia , Gina , Analyn, Elsie, Jerlyn & Flora celebrate Harmony/Family Day at the oval together.

    Click to access coober-pedy-regional-times-23-03-2017.pdf

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