Regulated cultivation and manufacture of hemp for industrial purposes – legislation before the South Australian Parliament

The South Australian Government will support legislation before parliament which would allow for the cultivation of industrial hemp in South Australia.The laws allow for the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes, which could include cosmetics, clothing and textiles and construction materials.

Manufacturing and Innovation Minister Kyam Maher will move a number of amendments to the Industrial Hemp Bill 2016, which was introduced to Parliament by the Hon Tammy Franks MLC last year. The proposed amendments would bring the bill in line with existing state laws.

The decision to support the Industrial Hemp Bill follows consultation with the agricultural sector, industry and experts at a roundtable last month to discuss industry opportunities for both medicinal cannabis and industrial hemp.

The legislation will limit the level of THC, the substance associated with the psychoactive properties of marijuana, in any crops grown in South Australia, with growers also subject to a fit and proper person test and regulatory checks.

The changes to South Australia’s law will only allow for the regulated cultivation and manufacture of hemp for industrial purposes.

Manufacturing and Innovation Minister Kyam Maher said, “By removing legal barriers to the cultivation of industrial hemp, we are giving growers and manufacturers the opportunity to explore the economic potential for the industry in South Australia.”

“With the appropriate rules and regulations in place, our farmers will be able to become involved in the hemp sector, with the potential to further develop industries through the growth and manufacture of the material.”

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