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Rotor blades being lifted to the top of a tower by crane.  Teams worked during the night at Coober Pedy due to the day temperatures and other weather conditions

Coober Pedy Renewable Hybrid Project Update

Coober Pedy residents will have noticed ongoing activity to the south of the highway before and since Christmas has resulted in some new landmarks appearing on the horizon.

Good progress has been made by the project proponent Energy Developments (EDL) and its contractors including 30 members of the community who have worked on the project to date.

Keith Barker EGM Technology Energy Developments said this week, “The solar array is now complete and ready for commissioning and the two new 2 Megawatt turbines have been successfully erected. The overhead power line is complete and both the solar and wind are being prepared for connection to the existing power station site.”

“There has also been a lot of change at the power station itself. Preparation for the installation of the new control system and “enabling” technologies to ensure a stable power supply and a new switchboard to connect to the town network have been among the key activities,” he said.

“This week another important component arrived on site – a 1MW battery that typifies the multinational nature of the technologies being used to set new global benchmarks for reduction in diesel use. Starting its life in Japan this battery came to Coober Pedy via Italy where its control system was added before it was tested and sent to Australia.”

“The battery will play an important role in enabling the town to run completely on renewable power for an expected 50% of the year. This is what makes the project an important demonstration of what can be achieved from renewable generation in remote parts of Australia and the world,” said Mr. Barker.

The project remains on schedule to commence commissioning in early March and reaching completion around the middle of the year.

A community forum is being planned for early March where further updates will be provided and the EDL team will be available for questions.

Full details of this event will be provided shortly via