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Candidates in the upcoming Council Elections should not put up early election posters to avoid running contrary to elections legislation.

Local Government Association CEO, Wendy Campana said under Local Government (Elections) Act candidates should not put up campaign posters until Friday 10 October 2010, four weeks from the 7 November polling day.

“Whether it is State, Federal or Council elections, there is always some confusion about election signs and candidates are very keen to get their faces before the voting public,” Ms Campana said.

“The guidelines are quite clear, that election signs can only be displayed in public places during the period starting four weeks immediately before the date set for polling day and ending at the close of voting on polling day.

“That is, signs must not go up before 10 October and should be down by 5pm on 7 November however, Councils generally will give a grace period of 48 hours from the close of polls to allow candidates time to gather up signs.”

Candidate signs must contain the name and address of the person authorising the material and the name of the printer. Signs must be of sufficiently strong materials that they withstand weather conditions and do not become a danger to road users and they must be attached securely to mountings to ensure they do not detach in high winds.

“Signs, where and when to put them up, are a constant source of confusion for candidates in all elections whether State, Australian or Local Government,” Ms Campana said.

“However, it’s not really that difficult if the rules are followed. They must not go up before Friday 10 October, they must contain certain information, they must be constructed of a hardy material and be properly fixed to mountings and they must be removed by 5pm on 7 November.”

A dedicated Candidates website is due to go live by 30 September 2014. or