Dear Editor Coober Pedy Regional Times,

I want to change my choices in life! I wish to partake in the politically and socially acceptable practice of consuming alcohol, in vast quantities.
“The Government is my Shepherd – he will keep me safe!”I want to drink alcohol so that it makes me abusive, argumentative and loud-mouthed. I want to vomit on people, in hotels, cars and taxis, in bed at home or on my hands and knees in front of the toilet. I want to drink alcohol so that I am grumpy the following morning because I have a mother of a hangover. I want to bash my friends or strangers alike. I want to abuse, bash batter &/or rape my wife, partner and children. I want my children to go hungry because I need my alcohol more than they need food and clothing!


I want to hurt my friends, work colleagues, family and I want to kill pedestrians and cyclists or maim people for life. I know that I do not have to stop and assist them, as I am safe and secure under the Law as the Magistrate will ONLY pat me on the shoulder and tell me that I have already suffered enough. I know that the Magistrate will say that it is okay for me to go out and do it all again next month.

HOWEVER, I have made my choice in life; I am a smoker and only wish to harm myself! For my choice in life, I am ostracised by the Australian Government, so that my habit is more expensive and now my family will suffer as living expenses rise and my income dwindles!

I have three questions for the Australian Government and ALL politicians alike:

• When will the Australian Government take the necessary steps/actions and put in place Laws/Acts of Gaol terms to prevent the needless slaughter on “OUR” roads because of Alcohol?
• When will politicians stand up for ALL the people in broken marriages, the battered/beaten partners and the ostracised children in “OUR” Alcohol Ridden Society?
• Why is it that something that is socially acceptable in Parliament but has the most devastating effect across the whole community, not totally banned?

Greg Curnow
Whyalla Norrie SA 5608

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