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Campaign manager Lorena Ocrospoma hits the ground running as she places over 100 university students

Regional and outback businesses are encouraged to look into engaging potential professionals in a work experience situation to help combat what is known as rural drift.

New Brolga Project campaign manager Lorena Ocrospoma is delighted at the response she’s recieiving to an innovative strategy designed to help redress the age-old issue of rural drift.

‘Campaign 100’ is a short term, high-energy initiative, seeking to place at least 100 metropolitan-based university students into regional work experience or study orientated casual positions for the June/July semester break.

The rationale behind the project is to give the students the opportunity to sample the excellent lifestyle and career opportunities available in regional communities, expecting many students will return for a full-time career when they graduate.

“We’re in the second week of this campaign rollout, and interest is surging ahead with enough regional business inquiry so far to absorb about 20 students,” Lorena said.

The Project has more than 600 students available, ranging from young, first full-time job-seeking students to married mature agers who are keen to move their whole families if the work experience works out OK.

“It would be great to find placements for all 600 students,” Lorena continued, “but if we can get 100 or more out, we will be injecting powerful human and financial capital into regional communities, building a terrific foundation for the future of the project and ongoing opportunities for other students.

“Of course, it’s not just businesses that can take a student, non-profit organisations or government departments could also host some of our talented young professionals.”

Lorena’s own career has spanned working with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, through economic and finance consulting to training women to act as leaders for their community. “Campaign 100 is particularly exciting, and I’m really enjoying being part of it,” Lorena concluded.

Regional businesses who believe they have a unique and valuable work experience to offer potential professionals, then contact Richard or Lorena

Richard Cowley, Manager, The Brolga Project, 07 3366 1005
M 0412 189 787 Email:
Lorena Ocrospoma, Campaign 100 Manager, 07 3366 1005,
M 0422 677 181 Email: