BHP Billiton Factory at Olympic Dam Mine Roxby Downs

BHP Billiton Factory at Olympic Dam Mine Roxby Downs SA Photo: David Bradbury

A shocking scandal surrounds BHP Billiton as the “big miner” is linked to a scandal over lobbying against the US Government’s climate change legislation.

A lobbying firm working on behalf of the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity allegedly sent 12 forged letters to members of Congress in the US with the aim of influencing a change of course to ensure a defeat of the US climate change bill.

Serious investigations  have been tasked by a congressional committee.. 

BHP an influential member of the coalition, along with Peabody Energy and Chevron Mining, are operating and occupy mining sites in Australia.

A spokesman for BHP Billiton in Australia declined to comment on the scandal when approached by the Australian press.


See:  The Stolen Water

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  1. US democracy must be a little more robust than here:

    “Serious investigations have been tasked by a congressional committee.. ”

    So what about the serious investigation into Native Title, the institutionalised process of mine approval forgery, fake signatories and targeted incentives? How many politicians briefed with such a role will be found out when history reveals the truth of resource theft and corruption behind the Roxby Mine and its expansion?

    Chevron is in the final throws of selling our supposed ‘Climate Change’ solution to India via bunker oil fueled tankers, the natural gas network and supplies can easily transform in the space of two years ALL our coal fueled power stations to natural gas. The ‘ETS’ is part of the Greenhouse Mafia lobby protection of coal and petroleum and all members of the parliament who entertain its folly are party to the public deception and mis-management of energy in this country.

    Unlike the Howard 2006 LNG contract sale of el cheapo gas to China, the latest windfall for Chevron , Exxon Mobil and Shell, thanks to the dumbed down and muffled ABC, proceeded without a whimper – the Gorgon Gas Deal:

    Gorgon Gas: 100% Sellout of Australia’s Energy Future

    WakeUP Australians if you haven’t already noticed we dont appear to have a government.

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