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Opal Miner Dusan Rusmir in Coober Pedy

Opal Miner Dusan Rusmir in Coober Pedy

Local Coober Pedy resident and opal miner Dusan (Dule) Rusmir sadly died today following serious injuries suffered in a mining accident early this afternoon.  

Dusan Rusmir, an experienced opal miner aged in his 50’s became caught in machinery whilst working underground at the opal fields within the proclaimed opal mining lease, north west of Coober Pedy. 

Coober Pedy SES – Mine Rescue Service were called to the field when the incident occured.  The injured opal miners partners had pulled him from the mine.  

Mine Rescue workers assisted the injured  miner at the scene. He was then taken to the Coober Pedy Hospital where he passed away.

Coober Pedy resident are indeed saddened and extend their deepest condolences to the extended family, his friends and to the whole Serbian community.

Coober Pedy SES – Mine Rescue workers are commended for their sincere and professional work which emotionally, doesn’t becomes easier as the years go on.  Mining accidents although infrequent are always a tragedy for a small community and highlight the dedication and co-dependence of those living in the outback.

Local Police are preparing a report for the Coroner and SafeWork SA will be investigating the incident.

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