19 Apr 2021 3:43pm Police are urging the public and business owners to be vigilant in checking their cash after a recent surge in counterfeit notes being passed across the state.

During the month of April, police received over 50 reports of counterfeit $50 notes being passed at retail businesses and hotels across the Adelaide metropolitan area as well as regional locations.

While the notes are convincing, there are certain defective features including the seven-pointed star being out of alignment and the coat of arms not being visible when the note is held to a light source. In some instances, the printing appears to be flaking or scratched off on the edge of the notes.

Police are asking local businesses to be vigilant when receiving cash and take the time to inspect any money to ensure it is legitimate.

To determine if a suspect note is counterfeit, it is best to compare it will a note that is known to be genuine.

Should a business inadvertently receive a counterfeit bank note, police advise to secure it in an envelope or paper bag and contact police on 131 444.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or report online at – you can remain anonymous.

More information on detecting counterfeit notes can be found here –

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