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Master of Ceremonies, Nicole Willis modeled the spectacular Australian Opal Dress [designed by Ljubica Novosel], smothered with gemstones from all the opal fields of Australia, valued at AUD $500,000. 2007 Opal Symposium Committee member Steve Staines and Tegan Clohesy both of the Northern Regional Development Board
At the 2007 Opal Symposium at Coober Pedy Nicole Willis urged designers to keep moving forward!

The 2020 Opal Symposium committee are feeling very excited to be hosting the 20/20 Vision 10th National Opal Symposium at Coober Pedy on the 8 & 9 April 2020 .

Opal Industry virtuoso Dale Price is the Chairperson of the 2020 Symposium Committee this year, and along with his team invites YOU to attend the 2020 Opal Symposium at Coober Pedy.

“This is a great opportunity to showcase Coober Pedy and what the town has to offer to those who have come from different parts of Australia to attend the event.”

“It will be a fantastic time for the local miners to network with other miners and to just hear and learn what is happening within the Opal Industry”

“Come along and join us and get involved to create a more cohesive industry and promote both the mining of opal and the marketing of Australia’s national gemstone.”

“This is a great opportunity to meet and network with opal miners from all the opal fields of Australia, particularly Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia along with major opal dealers and traders plus many from the Universities of Australia and the Mining Industry.”

The aim of the National Opal Symposium is to create a more cohesive industry and promote both the mining of opal and the marketing of Australia’s national gemstone.

The Opal Symposium committee is committed to providing an environment for the Industry to come together, to network and share their experiences and ideas and to showcase the latest techniques, technologies and current research.

The Symposium is being organized by a dedicated committee under the auspices of the Coober Pedy Retail, Business and Tourism Association.

On Tuesday 7th February the event kicks off with a Meet & Greet a the Italo miners Club. You may recognise some people (or even yourself) in the Historical Movies being shown throughout the evening courtesy of the Coober Pedy Historical Society

On Wednesday 8th & Thursday 9th April attend the Opal Symposium at the Desert Cave Hotel and hear about the latest technologies and techniques, mining practices, marketing and so much more.,

Wednesday evening is the traditional Conference Dinner being held at the Desert Cave Hotel. Take this opportunity to mix and meet others involved in your industry. Sit back relax and listen to Anthony Alexandrou perform.

For the attendees there is an End of Event social being held at the Outback Bar & Grill.

Businesses are being encouraged to be a Silver sponsor to then have an allocated space for their displays.

Register Now at or give Gai Di Donna a call on 0438119390 for more information

History of the National Opal Symposium

Reflecting on the 2007 Opal Symposium held at Coober Pedy; front row, Steve Staines (NRDB), Yanni Athanasiadis (Umoona Opal Mine), Dr. Gaetano Cavalieri, President of the World Jewellery Confederation, Andrew Cody (Buyer). Back row: John Dale and Peter Lane (PIRSA); Trevor McLeod (DCCP) and Mark Bell (NRDB)

The First National Opal Symposium was held in Lightning Ridge in 1999 by the Lightning Ridge Miners’ Association Ltd and the then NSW Department of Mineral Resources.

The National Opal Symposium is held every 2 years with NSW, Queensland and SA each taking their turn to host the event.

The primary objective of the original Symposium continues today to increase opal miner’s knowledge, practically and theoretically and to promote improvement in the industry thus enhancing the discovery and safe extraction of opal.

The symposium provides the environment for networking, sharing of ideas and promoting changes within the industry that could enhance mining practices.

The Symposiums also aims to promote the industry as a cohesive unit across the nation and to provide a forum for industry and governments to exchange information and ideas.

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