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A water leak in the middle of Marsh Place at Coober Pedy was reported to council 6 – 8 weeks ago (and still not repaired), is now supporting a plantation of greenery.

Two years on from what was cited as “A culture of bullying perpetrated by management” at the DCCP water works, the town has a suspended council, but not much else has changed. Coober Pedy’s once stable water supply is now a cause for no confidence Many residents buy or filter their drinking water as a result of the drastic changes.

Residents complain that too much pressure is causing leaks that are rarely repaired adequately and then the opposite, whereby entire areas reportedly have no water. However those now in charge claim that the council has not budgeted for repairs to the water supply.

The complaints that were put into ESCOSA regarding the over-chlorination of water, have sadly fallen by the wayside along with all of the resident driven petitions that related to the poor conduct of council and its revolving door administration.

Since the exit of the Town’s experienced water supply crew two years ago, scenes like this (above) have become a way of life in Coober Pedy.

More than 900 Coober Pedy residents have now had to sign a petition calling for the South Australian Government to pay an interim water subsidy to the local council in order to avoid a massive water bill price hike implemented by the debt ridden council.

House of Assembly 4-12-2019
Petitions – Coober Pedy Water Subsidy

Mr HUGHES (Giles): Presented a petition signed by 968 residents of South Australia requesting the house to urge the government to take immediate action to pay an interim water subsidy to Coober Pedy District Council whilst a permanent solution to the current inequitable situation is found.

Last month Mr Hughes also called for a comprehensive review of water quality, availability and pricing for remote communities.

Coober Pedy residents are facing an average $390 water bill increase so the local Council can pay off its debts.

The petition, penned by Council, states that “this is an unfair impost on the residents and businesses of Coober Pedy who can least afford it and who already face significantly higher costs of living than elsewhere in the state due to its isolation”.

Member for Giles Eddie Hughes says, “ The Marshall Government must listen to the residents of Coober Pedy. There are more than 960 signatures on this petition – that is a huge majority of the 1700 people that live there, including children.”

“The Marshall Government must take immediate action to pay an interim water subsidy. It cannot allow this extremely unfair price hike to go ahead.”

“I am also calling for an urgent and comprehensive review of water quality, availability and pricing for remote communities. This isn’t rocket science and there is a simple solution – outsourcing to SA Water and parity pricing.”

“It is the State Government’s job to ensure that all South Australians receive water at a reasonable price and people who live in Coober Pedy deserve to be treated the same way as residents in other parts of the state.”

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