Enrol to vote in council elections across South Australia by Friday 10 August 2018

This is a general announcement, even if your council does not end up going to an election.

Enrolments close 5pm Friday 10 August 2018.

The voters’ roll for council elections consists of two components – the House of Assembly (State) roll, and the council supplementary roll.

If you are on the State (House of Assembly) electoral roll you will automatically receive a voting pack in the mail in late October 2018. (AT THE ADDRESS AND TOWN, WHERE YOU ARE CURRENTLY REGISTERED)

If you have moved house or changed your name, you need to complete a new enrolment form, available at your local Post Office or at the Electoral Commission SA office located at Level 6/60 Light Square, Adelaide or by calling them on 1300 655 232 to request a form be sent to you.

To check if your residential and postal details are up to date on the State (House of Assembly) electoral roll click here .

If you are not enrolled on the State (House of Assembly) electoral roll you may be eligible to register on the council supplementary roll if:

You have been resident at your current address for one month and are not on the State (House of Assembly) Electoral Roll

You are a sole owner/occupier of rateable property

You are NOT an Australian Citizen but you have been a resident at your current address for one month

You are a landlord for rateable property

You are an organisation/business owner or occupier of rateable property

You are a group of owners or occupiers of rateable property.

For example: If you are not an Australian citizen, and not on the State (House of Assembly) electoral roll you can vote in a council election, as long as you are above 18 years of age and have lived in the council area for more than one month. You can also vote in a council election if you own a rateable property in the area, regardless of whether you live in it.

Another important difference is that businesses and bodies corporate can vote in council elections.

In order to do so you must register on your council’s supplementary roll. See further details below.
Enrolling on your council’s supplementary roll

Under the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999, there is a requirement to purge the council supplementary roll on 1 January of every election year. All landlords, business lessees and resident non-Australian citizens are removed from the council voters roll (with the exception of City of Adelaide) and must re-enrol to be able to vote.

If you have been removed from the roll under these provisions you must re-enrol before the roll close deadline by 5.00pm Friday 10 August 2018, otherwise you will not be able to vote in 2018 elections.

Download the information and enrolment form relevant to your particular circumstance HERE.

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