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The Mine Rescue Squad at Coober Pedy along with SES and CFS volunteers raise a mine-shaft victim to the surface overnight.  Ambulance volunteers  and Police are standing by

Updated: A man has had a lucky escape after he fell down a mine shaft at Coober Pedy overnight.

The alarm was raised about 11.45pm on Friday 15 June, after a man had sustained a 50ft fall down a mineshaft.

The 22-year-old man had been ‘black lighting’ or scouring for opal on the surface when he slipped and fell down the vertical shaft.

Luckily the man’s friend was able to return to town and call Triple-Zero.

Local Mine Rescue Squad, SES and CFS were called in to assist with the man’s rescue who was safely extracted a couple hours later.

He was assessed by paramedics at the scene before being taken to the Coober Pedy hospital where he was treated for an ankle injury.

Mineshaft safety in Coober Pedy is very important. Remember that if you do fall, try to slow your descent by pushing your arms and feet out, but keep your head tucked in. Most importantly, never enter the fields by yourself, and watch your step!

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