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Ms Rosenberg’s final reminder to local communities – “The local government election will be held in just over 100 days and this is an opportunity for our community to make its choice on the elected members they want to represent them.”

LGA President Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg has resigned following a special meeting of the LGA Executive Committee on Thursday.

The group met at Mayor Rosenberg’s request, to allow her to seek feedback from her elected peers.

The Executive Committee comprises the President, Immediate Past President and four Vice Presidents appointed by the LGA Board.

Mayor Rosenberg said she respected and accepted the Executive Committee’s   recommendation that her resignation was in the best interests of the sector.

“My whole reason for accepting the Presidency in the first place was to be a fierce advocate for the benefits of local government,” Mayor Rosenberg said.

“As my current position is not adding positively to both the LGA and to local government, I have decided to tender my resignation.”

“I wish my replacement and the organisation the best of luck and pledge my ongoing strong support.”

A special meeting of the LGA Board will be held next week to appoint a new President under the LGA Constitution.

Immediate Past President Mayor Dave Burgess said the sector was currently facing a range of issues, and it was important to work together to address these challenges and opportunities.

“Some of our key priorities include increasing participation at this year’s council elections, and a proactive reform agenda for both the sector and the LGA,” Mayor Burgess said.

“We all understand that improvements need to be made in all aspects of local government and, most likely, all corners of the State, but we should also be proud of the good work that happens every day in councils around SA for communities.”

The next full term of the LGA President will commence in October 2018, and nominations will open at the end of July.

In accordance with the LGA’s Constitution, the next President will be appointed from a regional council.

Earlier this week – 6th June 2018

Public Statement by City of Onkaparinga Mayor Lorraine Rosenberg [6 June 2018]

Last night at a special meeting of Council, the majority of elected members present at the meeting passed a motion of no confidence in me as mayor.

Naturally I am disappointed in that outcome, however I made a commitment to the City of Onkaparinga and will continue my role, representing the people who elected me – the ratepayers of the City of Onkaparinga.

Last night’s motion of no confidence was put forward by a mayoral candidate and the seconder is also a declared candidate for councillor.

I was not present for the debate that occurred at the meeting as I declared a conflict of interest — in accordance with legislation — and left the meeting.

During my time as mayor I have led significant projects including a Climate Change Strategy, the Fleurieu Arthouse, the Mount Lofty Ranges World Heritage Bid, purchasing and establishing the McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Visitor Information Centre, implementing a 20-year Community Plan which sets the long term vision for our community, and signing a sister city agreement with the district of Changli, China. I work with many residents and community groups on issues affecting them and will continue to advocate strongly to find appropriate outcomes for them.

I’ve also led commentary on the effective representation of the city which has resulted in the Council elected body reducing from 21 to 13 at the next election. This was a position shared by the majority of people who responded to the community engagement and I’m proud of the fact that I, together with the majority of the Council, remained steadfast to deliver what the community said they wanted.

In 2015 I won the national Economic Leadership Award from Economic Development Australia for championing the City of Onkaparinga’s approach to economic growth and investment

As mayor I have undertaken the role that is required of me by legislation and strongly represented the decisions made by the elected body.

While I have acknowledged that some decisions by Council have, in hindsight, been out of step with the community’s expectations, many of these were debated democratically by the elected body. This resulted in the decisions that have been widely reported in the last 18 months. I acknowledge that the Ombudsman found the membership for Kooyonga Golf Club was wrong and have publicly taken accountability for that decision, in keeping with my role to do so.attraction, and this year I was honoured to receive the Joy Baluch Award which recognises current female elected members who have made a significant contribution to their council and community and support the advancement of women in local government.

The position of mayor and service to this community is something I take very seriously and I consider it to be an absolute honour.

While I have sustained ongoing and relentless pressure from within and outside council, I’ve remained focused on the role I was elected by the people to do.

The local government election will be held in just over 100 days and this is an opportunity for our community to make its choice on the elected members they want to represent them.

I encourage everyone to vote and ask that they also respect the democratic process.

Lorraine Rosenberg

Lorraine Rosenberg: President of the Local Government Association, has spent over 25 years within Local Government firstly with the Willunga District Council prior to the amalgamation with The City of Onkaparinga as ward councillor, Deputy Mayor and an Mayor. In 2006 Ms Rosenberg was elected Mayor of the City of Onkaparinga.

Ms Lorraine Rosenberg became an Australian Member of Parliament, representing the South Australian House of Assembly seat of Kaurna from 1993 to 1997 for the Liberal Party of Australia.[1]

In 2018, it was discovered that Lorraine was found to have used public rates, along with Onkaparinga CEO Mark Dowd, on unnecessary items which do not benefit the people of Onkaparinga, including gold memberships, taxis and hotels.    Source Wikipedia.