Some of those year 12 students at Coober Pedy Area School awaiting results today are Cheme Tumapang, Chantelle Van Poorten,  Izzy Zelenko, Alex Carmichael, Jacinta Van Poorten, Melika Williams. Not present: Ranul Hewage, Cane Ridgeway

A record 15,175 South Australian students including Coober Pedy Area School students are today celebrating completing their South Australian Certificate of Education.

The proportion of Year 12 students successfully achieving the SACE is at a record high, rising to 97.3 per cent.

A snapshot of achievements for South Australia’s class of 2017 includes:
 More students completed their SACE (15,175 students – 172 more than 2016)
 More Aboriginal students completed senior secondary education (377 students, 58 more than 2016)
 More students in country South Australia are completing their SACE (4,050 students in 2017 – 55 more than 2016)
 A total of 1196 merit certificates awarded to 920 students, including 107 students from country South Australia
 A record number of students completed a modified SACE, offered to students with intellectual disabilities (235 students, 9 more than 2016).

Results will be available online from 8.30am on Students Online via the SACE Board website,

Students will receive official documentation from today in accordance with local, national and international postal delivery schedules.

Further information and support relating to SACE results is available on the SACE Board website,

Specific queries can be answered via the SACE Board’s Results Enquiry Line on (08) 8373 0599 or for country students on 1800 652 230.

Education Minister Dr Susan Close said, “It’s a tremendous achievement to have a record number of South Australian students complete their SACE”.

“South Australia has a world class education system that is preparing our students to be confident and resilient learners”.

“We are providing a qualification that is preparing students for life, teaching them to be agile and innovative thinkers and equipping them with the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century”.

SACE Board of SA’s Acting Chief Executive Jan Raymond said, “I’d like to congratulate all students who have worked extremely hard throughout their 13 years of schooling to achieve their goal of completing the SACE”.

“These results are a testament to the dedication and support of our teachers, school leaders and parents who have helped these students on their learning journey”.

“We are continuing to modernise the SACE program, ensuring our subjects are modern and relevant for 21st century learners”.

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