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25311337_581477528910988_7965745614868457116_o_crThe referral [for this case] arose out of a report made to the Office for Public Integrity.

It is alleged that during a confidential meeting of the District Council of Coober Pedy on 19 January 2016, Cr Paul Reynolds failed to declare and appropriately deal with an interest in a motion that the council execute a Power Purchase Agreement with an energy supplier, Energy Generation Pty Ltd.This issue concerns an alleged breach of clause 3.13 of Part 3 of the Code of Conduct for
Council Members (the Code). Failure by a council member to comply with Part 3 of the Code constitutes misconduct. Contravention or failure to comply with the Code also constitutes grounds for a complaint under Chapter 13, Part 1 of the Local Government Act 1999, which, if substantiated, is a ground for disciplinary action.

I have therefore considered this matter under section 5(3)(a) of the ICAC Act, which provides that ‘contravention of a code of conduct by a public officer while acting in his or her capacity as a public officer that constitutes a ground for disciplinary action against the officer’ amounts to misconduct in public administration.

My investigation has involved:
 assessing the information supplied to my Office
 seeking a response from the council
 seeking and considering a response from Cr Reynolds
 seeking further information from Cr Reynolds
 seeking and considering a response from Cr Boro Rapaic
 considering:
o the Local Government Act
o the Associations Incorporation Act 1985
o the Code
 preparing a provisional report and seeking the views of Cr Reynolds and the council
 considering an additional complaint raised with my Office and seeking the views of that complainant about my provisional report
 preparing this final report