There have been some important amendments to the Firearms Act 1977 and Firearms Regulations 2008, that you may need to be aware of if you own a firearm.

Earlier this month provisions of the Firearms (Miscellaneous) Amendment Act 2013 and Firearms Variation Regulations 2014 commenced operation. The Police Firearms Branch website is located at

To help you better understand the changes, South Australia Police has developed a Summary of the Major Reforms and an Information Guide.

In respect to the regulations, it has been agreed that Regulation 4A – concerning prohibited firearm accessories – will not be enforced until after 30 June 2014. Among other items, the new regulation 4A prescribes a prohibition on the acquisition, ownership and possession of firearm accessories that give a firearm the appearance of being a firearm of a different class OR the appearance of, or substantially the same appearance as, an automatic firearm or a prescribed firearm. Amendments to the Firearms Act, 1977 create a prohibition on ‘adapted’ silencers, that is where devices have been adapted to become a silencer.

Between now and June 30 there will be a grace period. Prohibited firearm accessories can be surrendered to police, or where police, as part of normal business, identify prohibited items they will be seized but no charges will be laid.

Any prohibited firearm accessory seized by or surrendered to police will not be destroyed until 30 June.

Please note adapted silencers and prohibited firearm accessories should only be presented at a police station during daylight hours, must be securely boxed, bagged, or wrapped and bound prior to arrival, and may only be removed from the covering by a police officer.

Any queries about the legislative amendments should be directed to SAPOL’s Firearms Branch by telephone – 08 7322 3407