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Road ClosuresA number of roads outside of Coober Pedy are closed due to high levels of rain overnight.

Oodnadatta – Coober Pedy (Kempe Road) is closed due to rain
Oodnadatta Track – Oodnadatta to William Creek is closed due to rain
Oodnadatta Track – William Creek to Marree is closed due to rain
Mt Barry to San Marino closed due to rain Mt Barry to Arkaringa is closed due to rain
Roxby Downs to Bopeechee (Borefield Road) closed due to rain
Oodnadatta Track – Marla to Oodnadatta is open with warnings. Caution at ponded water
Mintabie Road is open. Drive to conditions
Mt Dare – Hamilton 4WD caution at ponded water around Mt Dare

Check for updated road conditions at 

Along the Oodnadatta Track and beyond, the Peake Station has reported 70ml falling overnight at the homestead and say the kids are having a ball!

Bec from Arckaringa says they received 50mls overnight

Helen Williams at Nilpinna Station reported 43mls all up and said it’s nice and cool!

“We had 60 mm overnight here at Mt Barry”, said Jackie and Tony Williams

Outback Mailman Peter Rowe said, “We had 21ml in Coober Pedy at the airport but Jeff Boland got 25m in the gauge at his place in town. But looking like it is all over here until till next time. We are enjoying the cool change though.”

Claire at the Pink Roadhouse in Oodnadatta measured 11.5 ml in their rain gauge. “At the moment it is very cloudy and windy”, said Claire