The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) and South Australia Police are working together to detect illegal hunters and poachers in the Kingston District.

Anyone hunting feral species, such as rabbits, hares, foxes, pigs, goats or deer, etc, should be fully aware of their obligations under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972.

Section 68A of the Act states that a permit is required if a person wishes to partake in hunting activities on private land.

Section 68B of the Act states that anyone wanting to hunt on another person’s property requires written permission from the owner to do so.

No hunting is permitted on public land, unless authorisation has been granted by the Minister.

Anyone who is hunting must, if requested by police or a compliance officer, provide:

• their hunting permit or permit numbers
• written permission from the landowner on which they are hunting

Applications for hunting permits are available at

Anyone not complying with the legislation may be fined or prosecuted.