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A $367,000 Federal grant  that allows $260,000 to employ a person for two years to work with the District Council of Coober Pedy and government service agencies to implement nearly 100 recommendations contained within the town’s newly developed Alcohol Management Plan, has been awarded to Coober Pedy.

A further $10,000 is allocated  to undertake a dry area summit, and $97,000 to install an ID Tech System into each of Coober Pedy’s take away liquor outlets.

Coober Pedy’s Mayor, Steve Baines said, “The grant has been obtained via FACSIA’s Indigenous Capability and Development Program.”

“Council is adamant that the Alcohol Management Plan 2013-2018 will not end up being a document that just sits on the shelf. Our ability to employ a person to ensure that it is actioned, and work with Council and service agencies over the next two years will guarantee this.

“This funding has been made possible thanks to the Coober Pedy Senior Officers Group and the hard work of the agencies that make up the group”, said the Mayor.

The Australian Government is investing $367,000 over the next two years is to help tackle alcohol abuse currently occurring in  Coober Pedy caused mainly by transients travelling to the town from remote communities seeking alcohol.

Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin, said “Alcohol continues to devastate the lives of too many Aboriginal people in South Australia, particularly here in Coober Pedy.

“It can lead to violence, make it hard to hold down a job and get the kids to school, and can destroy the health of families and communities.”

“The Coober Pedy Alcohol Management Plan has been developed with the South Australian Government, local organisations and the community.”

“The plan addresses a range of issues identified by the local community including public drinking and antisocial behavior, the transitory population, public safety and family violence and the supply of alcohol.”

“Work under the plan will focus on four main areas including stronger leadership and collaboration, supply reduction and management, harm minimisation and demand reduction and management.”

“A dedicated worker will be employed at the District Council of Coober Pedy to facilitate the development and implementation of the activities and actions outlined in the draft plan.”

“Funding will also help support a regional forum focused on developing alcohol management approaches, and practical projects to tackle alcohol abuse.”

“By implementing Alcohol Management Plans we can ensure the focus in communities is on protecting women, children and families, and reducing alcohol-related harm.”