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The Editor
Coober Pedy Regional Times
Coober Pedy  SA 5723

Dear Sir/Madam, 

Coober Pedy tip at its current location

While reading the Coober Pedy Times Issue Thursday 11th October in the letters to the editor section, I read with some concern the confusion over the current Rubbish Tip Site in Coober Pedy.  I can with some authority alleviate some of the concerns as I have been approached by several indigenous Elders in the community to begin a petition to the tabled in the Federal, State and Local Governments as soon as the wording in the petition is finalized.  The petition is to keep the existing Coober Pedy Rubbish Tip in its current location and to upgrade the infrastructure to “facilitate optimum control mechanisms and prevent any further ecological damage through the development of a new Site.” 

The Community Elders have informed me that the decision made by AMYAC was a misunderstanding due to many of the members of AMYAC not actually residing in Coober Pedy and through misinformation facilitated by the Committee Advisors.  The Elders have assured me that at this point in time the Elders responsible for decisions on native title land within the APY Lands are meeting to approve the current location of the Coober Pedy dump site; although they acknowledge the cultural significance of the site, they will relinquish all heritage based rights to the current Dump site on the proviso that the Local Council continue to manage and maintain the location in a professional manner. 

The Elders of the Indigenous Community are aware of the disharmony and loss in confidence of community members in their community as a whole due to this current situation.  They do not wish to create disharmony or controversy through the exercising of their right to exercise native title; their only wish is for the health and wellbeing of all  Coober Pedy Community Members no matter their heritage or allegiance. 

Any interested parties in this particular issue can contact me or Barry Aylett anytime on 0425552010 or 0429025716, we will be happy to inform the local community members as to the current situation of the petition and any further developments.  Our only request is that as we are acting on behalf of the Elders who wish to remain anonymous at this point, concerned citizens need to contact either myself or Barry directly. 

Kindest Regards, 

Melinda Aylett. On behalf of the local Native Title holders 

PETITION to keep the Coober Pedy Dump Site at the current location 

We the undersigned constituents of the local government of Coober Pedy within the Ayr, Giles and Grey electorates make the following petition to maintain the local rubbish dump in its present location, due to the following points

  • To provide optimum control mechanisms and prevent any further ecological damage through the development of a new site.
  • In its current location the clay based material naturally prevents contamination of the land or water courses
  • The Aboriginal people entitled to native title over the current site, whilst acknowledging the cultural significance of the site, have agreed to relinquish heritage rights to the location on the condition that the location is managed and maintained professionally by the Council
  • The Aboriginal people wish to maintain and develop further positive rapport with the Greater Coober Pedy Community.
  • The Aboriginal people believe that in this case the decision to retain the dump in its current location will maintain the social and physical wellbeing of the Aboriginal community and aid in developing a community spirit of conciliation.
  • Elders in the Anangu, Pitantjatjarra and Yankyujatjarra lands are discussing the approval of the current dump iste.
  • The movement of the dump to the proposed site/s would bring yet further ecological damage and disrupt the local bio-diversity.
  • We believe that the decision is both cost effective and of least disruption to the entire Coober Pedy Community.
  • Maintaining the dump at the current site will defuse the current unrest and lack of confidence in the community as a whole.
  • The proposed sites are not viable due to costs, inconvenience and being vulnerable to extreme thermals, which could lead to air, ground and water course contamination by refuse.