Local Initiatives Will Be Impacted by Mismanagement of National Economy  

Rowan Ramsey MP - Federal Member for Grey in South Australia

The mismanagement of the national economy will continue to impact on our ability to deliver the assistance needed to build water infrastructure, hospitals and provide jobs for our youth Federal Member for Grey Rowan Ramsey said today.  

Mr Ramsey said the Labor Government’s mismanagement of the Australian economy has left the country saddled with a staggering $100billion debt. 

“Julia Gillard’s Government is still borrowing $700million a week after massively mismanaging the home insulation program, the Green Loans program, the computers in schools program and the Julia Gillard memorial halls program,” he said. 

“The waste through sheer incompetence is staggering with the latter two programs the full responsibility of the Prime Minister who was education minister with complete oversight of the school halls program which has evolved into well-documented fiasco and the school computers program which is now under investigation.” 

Mr Ramsey said in opposition he has fought hard to achieve ground with the Youth Allowance back-down, the back down by Government of its plans to kill-off country cataract surgery, the back down on beef imports and an extension of the school chaplaincy program.

“A Liberal Government would achieve through strong policy direction and strong economic management to cut the waste,” he said.

“This Government has been flopping from one program to another in poll-driven attempts at retaining popularity.

“We have had the massive turnaround with asylum seekers, a problem created by the Government, and the back down on the Resource Super Profit Tax.

“It should be remembered that without Liberal intervention we would now have in place a $20 billion tax on the mining industry which would be crippling to jobs in this electorate.

“Clearly Australia cannot afford another three years of mismanagement under a Julia Gillard Labor Government. Locally we need to focus on our water systems, health, the delivery of services to the aged and disabled and school attendance as a real solution to alleviating indigenous and non-indigenous disadvantage.

“I will continue to pursue an MRI machine for the region and an alternative to the desalination plant proposed for the top of the gulf.”

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