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Fr Paul Bourke and Fr Chris O'Neil outside the Coober Pedy Underground Catholic Church

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Fr Christopher O’Neil has been your priest since January 2003 and there are needs in the diocese which make it necessary for me to transfer him to the parish of Quorn.

I thank you for the manner in which you have cared for Fr Chris and supported him and encouraged him in his ministry.

Your new parish priest is known to you, Fr. Paul Bourke.  He served the parish of Coober Pedy and beyond as a younger man and still knows the district very well.

I pray that you will support him and encourage him and look after him as he serves you.

The people of the outback and Coober Pedy constitute a very special community within our Church.  You are people who have been prepared to put yourselves on the line in the face of all sorts of challenges, from climated and drought.

You are the people who through your endurance have come to know and appreciated depply what it is that we must value most as Christian people and decent human beings. 

May Fr Bourke help strenghten and reinforce you in your values and your love of Christ.

May your own spiritual lives be attuned the presence of God in the beauty of our outback lands.

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ
Bishop of the Diocese of Port Pirie