South Australia's Minister for Education Jay Weatherill MP

On Thursday 1 July 2010, Education Minister Jay Weatherill met in Adelaide with local MP Lyn Breuer, Mayor Steve Baines and Coober Pedy Area School Governing Council chair Alex Lalic.
The meeting was to discuss progress on a resolution to the  school securing a permanent principal, previously expected to occur at the conclusion of the first term in 2010.
“They made very clear the community’s need for certainty to be restored to the school as soon as possible,” Minister Weatherill said.
“I assured them that the inquiry relating to Principal Sue Lewis will be finalised prior to Term 3 starting and that the community will be informed of the outcome”
“I recognised the community’s need for a permanent principal to be in place as soon as possible.
“The chief executive of the Department of Education and Children’s Services will go to Coober Pedy early in Term 3 to talk to the Governing Council and community about the outcome of the inquiry.”

Coober Pedy’s Mayor, Steve Baines outlined community feelings regarding unrest at the school and stressed need to expedite the current investigation regarding pricipal Sue Lewis, whilst Governing School Council chair Alex Lalic explained the impacts on the students, teachers and parents,  in a meeting between the delegates that lasted one hour.  The Minister has agreed to resolve issues in the next week and to inform Coober Pedy residents of the outcome.
Chris Robinson, the CEO of the Department of Education and Children’s Services will attend Coober Pedy at the beginning of term 3 to meet with the Governing Council in order to work out ways to move forward. 
Mayor Steve Baines said that no reason was given for the delay and the minister was apologetic about it being drawn out so long, saying legal process has slowed it down, however they have agreed to expedite it’s progress now.

A resolution to what has been a temporary situation will give certainty for parents together with the need for stability and longevity in both school and community. 
Mayor Baines said today, ” whatever the outcome of the investigation, we as a community need to accept the decision and move forward in a positive manner and support the school and its governing council”.

“I urge everyone within the community to put this matter behind us and work as one for the betterment of the students, teachers, and staff at the Coober Pedy Area School”, said the Mayor.