OPAL Industry Australia


The Lightning Ridge Miners Association is informing the opal industry that the draft Mining Regulation 2010 has been released for public consultation and submissions are due by 18 June 2010.

Maxine O’Brien, Secretary/Manager of the LRMA said this week, “the opal miners association is still in the process of analysing the regulations but at first glance the major impacts will be massive increases in fees. For example, an application fee for ordinary mineral claims will more than double”.  Following, based on information from the Industry & Investment NSW’s website is an example of some of the fee increases: –

Title: Current Fee; Proposed Fee
Application for ordinary mineral claim  $60; $130
Application for 2ha reward claim $480; $500
Application of 2ha prospecting claim $125; $180
Application for 2ha puddling claim $1,200; $5,000
Application for 2ha mullock dump$1,200; $5,000
Application for 2ha open cut claim with rehabilitation liability less than $200k   $5,000
Renewal ordinary mineral claim $90; $100
Transfer of mineral claim $85; $120
Application for OPL $25; $30
Application for mining lease $2,700; $10,000
Application for renewal of mining lease
$1,200; $3,000
Lease fees, 5 or less employees, under $100k investment $2,000; $85 per ha

“Ms O’Brien said, “a major concern is the potential requirement for Rehabilitation and Environmental Management Plans (REMP) but we are unsure how these will be applied to the opal industry and is dependent upon the policy of Industry & Investment NSW.

We have had to prepare a REMP for ‘Barfield’.

The future submission fee for a REMP will be $5,000 for activities with a rehabilitation liability less than $200,000.

The regulation also proposes to reduce miners’ access rights if they need access to a prospecting or mining title by a right of way.

A favourite fee is the fee per hour for provision of information (not including prescribed records available at prescribed locations) $150 (exclusive of GST).

If anyone would like to look at the regulations simply go to the Department’s website – www.dpi.nsw.gov.au.

Now is the perfect time to join the LRMA for maximum benefit as your membership will remain current until 30 June 2011″.