by: Charles Miranda    

“….the High Court in London yesterday heard evidence that hundreds of British and Australian servicemen instead were used as human guinea pigs to test the effects of nuclear bomb fallout on the body.

The British military went out of its way to mislead the men and the Australian Federal Government to prevent being sued…….”

Film footage of tests involving servicemen and this article has been removed from SBS website!  Servicemen Sue Britain over 1950s Maralinga Atomic Testing    by Charles Miranda

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  1. “July 2003 Hundreds of Fijian servicemen may have been deliberately exposed to radiation by the British government to test the potency of their nuclear weapons 30 km off the coast of Christmas Island.

    Maybe the British shoudl take some of the billions out of the coffers of their rich bych queen and pay these people. What a bunch of scumbags. To say that exposing people to massive doses of radiation, lining them up on the beach in white overalls? That is messed up. Some wouldn’t be EXPECTED to be exposed to radiation.. Were they given a CHOICE??? Screw these scumbags they deserve to die.”

  2. I read above that Maralinga was an ‘intervention’ , and would agree.

    The uranium mines operating corruptly and secretly with corrupted governments are as well. The workers at these mines and anyone negotiating with them need to wake up and walk away – they are playing a game with the devil and it will not service them.

    The queen and her henchmen are being exposed and should be stripped of all their Assets and the money should be transferred to the victims of colonialism and commonwealthism ( an oxymoron ) – these bad bloods are all being exposed.

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