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Major Crime Investigation Branch have been investigating the murder of Andrew (Wilbur) Williamson. During the morning of 11 November 2003, Andrew Williamson (41 years) was in his dugout at Tupper Close, Coober Pedy when he was assaulted and died. Police believe he was then robbed of some jewellery, a large amount of cash and some gold nuggets.

Wilbur - photo taken at Coober Pedy by Michelle Riah

Wilbur - photo taken at Coober Pedy by Michelle Riah

Mr Williamson however had developed a medical condition that rendered him unable to defend himself.

Mr Williamson would have been unable to resist the assault and robbery making this a callous murder. He had just moved into the dugout before he was killed. The murder weapon has not been located.

The items of jewellery that was stolen are quite distinctive and are: A 14ct yellow gold ring, weighing 14.9 grams which was at least a large size ā€˜Zā€™ that was cast and made to look like a nugget. This ring had a natural nugget weighing 67 grams set into it. This natural nugget had quartz through it. The effect was the entire ring looked like a massive natural nugget. The number ā€˜585ā€™ referring to the 14ct gold is engraved on the inside of the ring.

Two natural gold nugget pendants on a gold fob watch chain worn by Mr Williamson as a necklace. One of the nugget pendants had the look of a crossed legged Buddha, was about 3 cm high and 2 cm wide weighing in the vicinity of 20 grams.Investigators also believe Mr Williamson was in possession of up to 30 ounces of natural gold nuggets.

Andrew (Wilbur) Williamson at Coober Pedy

Andrew (Wilbur) Williamson at Coober Pedy

Prior to his death Mr. Williamson had discussed locating a buyer for the gold but about a week before his death he mentioned the deal had fallen through and he may still have had them in his possession at the time of his death.

A reward of up to two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000) will be paid by the Government of South Australia, at the discretion of the Commissioner of Police, to any person or persons who give information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the murder of Andrew David Williamson.

Anyone with information regarding either of these murders, which will be treated as confidential, are requested to contact BankSA Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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  1. Thank you for posting this and supporting the ongoing search for the culprit. This has affected the whole family, not least of all our elderly father who would dearly like closure on this sad event – Wilbur’s brother

  2. It has been 7yrs & this Callus & horrific MURDER of my brother still goes unsolved, someone/ somebody or bodies know enough about this murder to catch the gutless killer responsible for this. Its not too late to speak up & claim the $200,000 reward offered for information leading to the arrest of the MURDERER so act NOW & contact SA Crime stoppers..

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