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 Storms, wind and flash flooding for Flinders, northeast pastoral and parts of the north-west pastoral districts, while far northern pastoralists say the November rainfall is eight times the November average this year.
Randall Crozier from Trevor Wright's plane

Neale Creek running under Algebuckina Bridge. Photo: Randall Crozier from Trevor Wright's plane

Severe thunder storms produced destructive winds, very heavy rainfall and flash flooding in the area north of Marree this evening. Elsewhere in the far north experienced thunder-storms and damaging wind gusts in excess of 90 km/h.   Affected areas include Roxby Downs, Leigh Creek, Moomba and Hawker.

A severe thunderstorm with gusts to 128 km/h has caused roof damage and brought down power lines at Marree earlier this afternoon. Wind gusts of 90-95 km/h have also occurred at Woomera, Coober Pedy, William Creek and Leigh Creek.  Other locations which may be affected include Arkaroola, Parachilna and Olary.

Further north as the storm moved south east, Trevor Wright of Wright’s Air William Creek said, “the frontal line passed through William Creek at approximately 2pm causing visibility to decrease to 500 metres due to raised dust, followed by 1mm of rain, heading towards, Marree, Arkaroola. 

Trevor added that, “It is now noticeable from the air, that the countryside towards Oodnadatta is greening up with the above average rainfall causing a contrast of green against the red desert and definitely helpings pastoralists to lower their workload with regards to checking bores where the rainfall has been plentiful”. 

Douglas Lillecrapp from Todmorden Station was quoted as saying that during the last seven years rainfall for November has averaged 10mm and this November (2008) it has averaged out at 80mm.  Douglas also stated that in 20 minutes he had over 26mm of rain causing the creek to start flowing and the gutters on the homestead to overflow.

The State Emergency Service advises that people should:
* Secure or put away loose items around your property.
* Move cars under cover or away from trees.
* Keep clear of fallen power lines.
* Don’t drive, ride or walk through flood water.
* Keep clear of creeks and storm drains.
* Stay indoors, away from windows, while storms are nearby.

Photo: Randall Crozier        Coober Pedy Regional Times