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Mr Colin Davies, a former CEO at Local Government level has been appointed as the new interim administrator for the District Council of Coober Pedy to provide stability and leadership for the community while work continues to establish longer-term governance for the town.

Mr Davies will serve as interim administrator before the appointment of a long-term administrator is finalised, which is expected to happen by the end of March 2023.

Mr Davies brings to the role extensive experience in the local government sector.

In particular, Colin has had twenty years of experience working in senior roles in local government, with a focus on financial management in small regional councils.

For a ten-year period from 2009-2019, Colin was CEO of The Flinders Ranges Council, working to ensure that this small remote council could deliver services and facilities to its community while ensuring its long-term financial sustainability.

Since his retirement from The Flinders Ranges Council, Colin has continued to consult across the local government sector, and participate in boards including a term as Deputy Chair of Regional Development Australia Far North

Colin also has a range of personal interests and has taken on a range of volunteering responsibilities in his local community, in areas ranging from the Pichi Rich Railway Preservation Society, being a volunteer Ambulance Officer, and supporting local bowls clubs

The process for the appointment of a long-term administrator is expected to be completed in the coming weeks, following a national call for expressions of interest for this critical role.

Minster for Local Government Geoff Brock said, “The Council must be set on a path to become financially sustainable, to ensure that stable and properly funded local services can be provided by local government in Coober Pedy.”

The work to ensure the sustainable and continued provision of the essential services of water and electricity by the Council to the township continues to be undertaken by a high-level State Government taskforce that was established late last year.

When the long-term administrator is appointed, Minister Brock will again visit the town to discuss priorities for achieving stable and good governance with the community to deliver a sustainable future for Coober Pedy.

The administration period for the District Council of Coober Pedy was extended in September 2022 until the next local government periodic elections in 2026.

Mr. Brock said, “I thank outgoing administrator Tim Jackson for his work to improve the governance and financial management of the District Council of Coober Pedy.

There is still significant work required to ensure the town can again be governed by a locally elected member body.

I expect to provide more information on the new administration later this month when the appointment process is completed.

Resolving the ongoing issues in Coober Pedy presents a significant challenge, due to the Council’s continuing poor financial position, and its responsibility to properly manage the provision of water and power in the town.

As an Interim Administrator, Mr. Davies will be required to report to me at the end of his term, advising me on the governance issues that remain to be resolved, including any views or recommendations that he may have formed during his tenure about the finances of the Council and a way forward.

I’m looking forward to visiting Coober Pedy again next month to meet with locals and leaders in the township– so we can continue to develop a thriving outback community and return it to an elected local government as soon as possible, ” concluded Mr. Brock.

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