Attorney General John Rau will introduce a Bill to Parliament today outlining new offences and penalties as well as tighter administration regarding intervention orders to better protect victims of domestic violence.

“Everyone in our community has the right to feel safe and we have a zero tolerance stand on domestic violence,” he said.

“Intervention Orders are designed to protect people who are at risk of violence, threatening and controlling behaviour.

“We must ensure the system has the appropriate mechanisms to respond to these incidents effectively.

“These new laws will improve the administration of Intervention Orders to better uphold the intent of the original legislation and better equip the justice system to enforce the orders.”

Mr Rau said one of the key features of the reforms is new provisions that facilitate communication and interaction between Police and the Courts.

“Under the new laws the Court must notify Police before any variation or removal of an Intervention Order is made. This gives Police the opportunity to provide input into the matter should it be required,” he said.

“There is also a new requirement for Magistrates to enquire about any orders that already apply to the offender, and the Magistrates must now consider using their powers under the Commonwealth Family Law Act to amend or discharge aspects of other existing orders if they are inconsistent with the Intervention Order.

“For example, an Intervention Order may be required to respond to a domestic violence matter; however there may be a Parenting Order in place outlining custody arrangements for a child.

“This new provision asks Magistrates, when crafting an Intervention Order, to consider whether aspects of the Parenting Order need to be amended or removed to assist with the protection of the family.

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