Earthquake Yunta

4.7 Magnitude earthquake near Yunta in SA Outback

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake occurred near Yunta in the state’s mid-north at 7.24 last night and was felt widely across the State.

The epicentre was approximately 27 kilometres south of Yunta and Nackara and the Geological Survey of South Australia branch of Department for Manufacturing, Innovation, Trade, Resources & Energy (DMITRE) has received no reports of damage.

UTC: 29 April 2014 @ 09:54:56; South of Yunta, SA; Magnitude: 4.7 (ML) Depth: 13 km; Coordinates: -32.796, 139.541

Given the low population density, there were very few people within the strong vibration zone, although the earthquake was felt as far away as Gawler and Tailem Bend.

Earthquakes of this magnitude are commonly felt up to 150km to 200km away, although it can travel further in quiet regions. The depth of the earthquake is unknown as no seismographs are located in the area.

Most of South Australia’s earthquakes occur in a band through the Flinders and Mount Lofty Ranges.

This event occurred further to the east and there have been a number of smaller events over recent years. Aftershocks can occur but may be small and therefore, aren’t likely to be felt by many people.

This is the largest earthquake in this part of the state since a magnitude 5.1 event on 5 March 1997 south of Burra.

More recently, a much larger magnitude 5.7 event occurred on the South Australia – Northern Territory border on 23 March 2012.

The Yunta earthquake was at least ten times stronger than the 2010 Mount Barker earthquake that was widely felt across the metropolitan area.

The well-known 1954 Adelaide earthquake at about magnitude 5.5, was larger than the Yunta earthquake, and the State’s largest known earthquake of magnitude 6.5 was in 1897 near Robe.

People who have felt the earthquake can report it at