South Australia Police have issued a warning about an illicit drug referred to as ‘wizard’ following the recent hospitalisation of a man who took a single dose of the potentially fatal substance.

It is suspected the man had taken a drug called 25i-NBOME, which is also referred to both as ‘wizard’ or ’25i.’The man suffered severe delirium and acute toxicity resulting in possible organ damage.

The drug was taken in the form of a single square of white paper (commonly called a tab) – described as being 3mm wide with printed black symbols on it which included an outline of a telephone and a star.

Detective Chief Inspector Steve Taylor, from the Drug and Organised Crime Task Force , urged the community not to risk their lives by taking this drug.

“This is a terrible drug and even a single dose can cause permanent damage or even death,” he said.

There have been nine seizures of 25i-NBOME blotter tabs in South Australia since 2012.

They are visually the same as blotter tabs used for ingestion of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) and could easily be sold as, or confused, for that drug.

Police warn 25i-NBOME is highly toxic with users experiencing hallucinations, psychosis, extreme aggression, tachycardia (elevated heart rate), seizures, nausea, neurological damage, organ damage and possible death.

Australia wide the drug is reported to have contributed to several deaths and a large number of overdoses requiring immediate hospitalisation.

Police warn that there are no ‘safe’ illicit drugs and no safe doses.