An electrician from the north-eastern suburbs has been banned from working in the industry for his dangerous electrical work.

On 10 December 2013, in proceedings brought against him by South Australia’s consumer watchdog, the District Court found that James Trimboli (of Commercial & Domestic Electrical Services Pty Ltd) had overseen and/or performed negligent electrical work under the Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Act 1995.

Consumer Affairs Commissioner, Paul White, said that Trimboli’s substandard electrical work constituted a very real danger to the community.

“From March 2010 to May 2012 Trimboli’s business, Commercial & Domestic Electrical Services Pty Ltd, was responsible for the performance of negligent electrical work at several properties,” the Commissioner said.

“Trimboli was negligent in his oversight and supervision of electrical work and in most cases he improperly completed paper work that indicated he had both performed the work and supervised it when this was not the case.”

“In one instance, where he had completed the work himself, the work was also negligent.”

“This conduct is of great concern as anyone who holds an electrical contractors licence and electrical workers registration under the Plumbers, Gas Fitters and Electricians Act 1995 has a clear responsibility to perform work that complies with all statutory requirements.”

In November 2010 legal intervention was undertaken by the Office of the Technical Regulator, and amongst other things, Trimboli agreed to complete a wiring rules course.

Trimboli failed to successfully complete the course and subsequently his workers registration was suspended in May 2012 and he voluntarily surrendered his contractor’s licence.

The Commissioner then commenced disciplinary action against Trimboli to protect consumers against his substandard electrical work.

“The District Court has imposed significant disqualification and prohibition orders which will apply until further order of the Court,” Mr White said.

“This includes disqualification from being licensed as an electrical contractor, registered as an electrical worker, employed by an electrical contractor or being a director of a body corporate that is an electrical contractor.”

“Trimboli now cannot work in the electrical industry. “His negligent electrical work was found to be unsafe and dangerous as it gave rise to an increased risk of electrical shock to persons, an increased risk of damage to property and equipment, an increased risk of fire at the premises and an increased risk of fire spreading.”

“Negligent and improper electrical work is a severe safety hazard for the community with potentially lethal consequences.”

“This serves as a reminder to all electrical workers that quality performance is required in order to keep your licence.”

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