Over the past five years, on average, nine people have died on South Australian roads each December. In the crucial period from 23 December to 3 January, three have died and 27 have been seriously injured.

A new state-wide road safety campaign launched today (Sunday 15 December 2013) by the State Government, Motor Accident Commission (MAC) and South Australia Police (SAPOL).

The ‘All we want for Christmas is you’,  campaign highlights the message that the best present you can give anyone this Christmas is to be there to share it all with them.

Road Safety Minister Michael O’Brien said, “Road crashes have a devastating impact that ripples throughout the community. The pain and emotional impact on victims and their families, particularly at this time of year, is immeasurable.

MAC Chief Executive Officer Jerome Maguire said, “All it takes is a split-second for serious injury or worse to occur, but road trauma can be prevented if we all make the conscious decision to prioritise road safety”.

Assistant Commissioner Linda Williams said, “Police will be targeting offences that we know end in road deaths – failing to wear a seatbelt, speeding and distraction.  Officers will be highly-visible and will make no excuses for targeting dangerous driver behaviour.”

“We don’t want to see another tragic month like last December when 11 people lost their lives.  We will be focussed on keeping every driver and every passenger safe and ensuring they get to their destination to enjoy the festive season with family and friends.”

  Over the 5 years:
o On average this period accounts for 3 (2.8) fatalities and 27 (26.8) serious injuries
o Pre-Christmas (16-22 December) accounted for only 7% (5) of the fatalities.
o Christmas-New Year (23 December – 3 January) accounted for 21% (14).
o Post-Christmas-New Year (4-27 January) accounted for 72% (49).
 14 fatalities from 14 fatal crashes; 64% (9) of the crashes in rural S.A.
 134 serious injuries from 121 crashes; 62% (75) of the crashes in rural S.A.
 For 55% of the rural fatal and serious injury crashes the driver or rider resided in the
area in which the crash occurred.
 84 (62%) of all incidents in rural S.A.
 2 fatalities not wearing a seatbelt; 4 serious injuries from not wearing seatbelt
 11(8%) of the incidents (all serious injuries) the driver exceeded the prescribed
concentration of alcohol
 30 (22%) of the incidents distraction/inattention was a contributing factor
 17 (13%) of the incidents including 3 fatalities involved motorcycles
 12 serious injury crashes and 3 fatal crashes occurred on Christmas day over this period.