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Coober Pedy will have a more secure water supply thanks to a $600,000 State Government grant to upgrade a 26-year-old cement water pipeline which supplies the town.

Regional Development Minister Gail Gago said the Regional Development Infrastructure Fund
(RDIF) grant would assist with the cost of replacing 12 kilometres of cement pipeline with PVC.

“Currently the District Council of Coober Pedy has to repair the pipeline approximately 1.2 times
every month at a cost of $10,000 each time,” Ms Gago said.

“Replacing the cement portion will save the town water and repair costs, as well as prevent further
environmental damage.

“This is a critical project to ensure the sustainable future of Coober Pedy.”

Ms Gago said the RDIF played an important role in the implementation of South Australia’s
Strategic Plan by helping to meet a number of targets for regional jobs, investment and export

Coober Pedy Mayor, Steve Baines, said council appreciated the funding as the pipeline upgrade was vital to the town.

“The new pipeline will have a life expectancy of 50 years and will reduce maintenance costs by
$140,000 per annum,” Mr Baines said.

“Removing the cement pipe will eliminate current OHSW risks as well as saving an estimated 30
megalitres lost per year to leakages and inefficient irrigation practices.

“The pipeline replacement is part of a larger project to upgrade the irrigation system for the town
oval and to expand our community orchard by 1.7 hectares.

“The local community will also benefit through opportunities to develop horticulture skills with three
long-term unemployed Aboriginal people to be engaged to manage the orchard.”

The total cost of upgrading the pipeline is $1.6 million. The total cost of the combined projects is
$1.84 million.

The project is expected to commence in August 2012 with construction of the pipeline to be
completed by June 2013.

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