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Grass fire burns out of control at Indulkana in August 2011

The Country Fire Service (CFS) has announced an early start to the 2011/12 Fire Danger Season for the North East Pastoral and North West Pastoral Fire Ban Districts.

The season which was scheduled to start on November 1 in both of these districts, will now commence two weeks earlier on Sunday October 15.

This follows a consultation process involving the Outback Bushfire Management Committee and a final declaration from the CFS Chief Officer Greg Nettleton.

CFS Prevention Services Manager Leigh Miller said the Outback Bushfire Management Committee has reported significant and widespread increases in grass fuel loads and

“This change has been assessed against what would normally be expected within the North East Pastoral and North West Pastoral Fire Ban Districts,” Mr Miller said.

“As a consequence, the Outback BMC has recommended that the Fire Danger Season within these districts be brought forward by two weeks.”

There are no changes expected for the remaining 13 Fire Ban Districts or to the conclusion dates for the Fire Danger Season which will be determined in March 2012.

Mr Miller said it is everyone’s responsibility to prepare for bushfires, irrespective of the Fire Ban District they live in, work at or are likely to visit this summer.

“I encourage all residents, workers and visitors to any of South Australia’s 15 Fire Ban Districts to help reduce their risk by developing a Bushfire Survival Plan,” he said.

“Preparing for bushfires is a shared responsibility and action should be taken now so it’s not too late.”

For more information on restrictions during the Fire Danger Season and how to develop a Bushfire Survival Plan, visit the CFS website at