Elders Weather: 45 degrees predicted for Coober Pedy on New Year’s Day

ETSA Utilities is closely monitoring weather conditions following the CFS warning of catastrophic fire conditions tomorrow (Friday) and the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting winds of up to 55kmh.

Power supplies may be disrupted if catastrophic fire warnings become a reality, ETSA Utilities has advised.

“The forecast winds are a very real concern as they have the potential to bring trees and tree limbs down on lines and other equipment,” said ETSA Utilities spokesman Paul Roberts.

“South Australians living in bushfire risk areas need to be aware of the potential for disruption of electricity supply in these kinds of conditions. “This means people in bushfire risk areas should consider their readiness in terms of back up systems for power, including for water pumping,” Mr Roberts said.

“In areas of high fire danger, ETSA Utilities must consider turning off electricity supply if this is necessary to avoid the risk of electricity infrastructure starting a fire,” Mr Roberts said.

We monitor weather and fire conditions closely and any decision to turn off supply would be taken in consultation with the CFS.”

“Our intention would be to restore electricity supplies as soon as the danger (or fire) has passed and we can do so safely, but it may take time,” he said. 

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