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“Flood waters from Queensland are approaching the Lightning Ridge Opal mining area but miners still have time to secure their claims if need be. While no one is sure of what the exact extent of the flood waters will be it would be wise to be prepared”,  Maxine O’Brien, Secretary/Manager of the Lightning Ridge Miners’ Association said in an alert today.

 Opal fields that are low lying on the edge of the flood plain like Kittyhawk, Wedgetail and Nightlife in all likelihood will be subject to flood waters. There are some precautionary measures claim holders may be wise to take now.

Mrs O’Brien recommends that miners remove all underground equipment to higher ground; make sure your shaft collars and bund walls are adequate and move above ground equipment like blowers and trucks to high ground.

Apparently similar floods in the past have caused flooded claims to subside burying underground equipment.

The message is it is better to be safe than sorry. It will be easier and less expensive to move your gear out rather than risk losing it. Once the floods have receded make sure you keep in mind that your claim, if low lying, may be subject to an inrush of water.

Any concerned leaseholders can contact the Lightning Ridge Miners’ Association by emailing lrma@lightningridge.net.au or phoning 02 6829 0427.

Maxine O’Brien the Secretary/Manager of the Lightning Ridge Miners’ Association Ltd
PO Box 177, Lightning Ridge NSW 2834
Ph: 02 6829 0427, Fax: 02 6829 0830
Mob: 0427 920 474