Pokie barons, property developers and lobbyists all being generous to political parties?  What do they expect in return?  The AEC returns for 2008/09 again feature developers, lobbyists, unions and the Australian Hotels Association prominently.

Greens MLC Mark Parnell has again called for comprehensive political donations law reform in response to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) release of its donations and receipts data for 2008/09.

“There is a murky river of gold flowing into political parties that the SA people simply do not know about,” said Greens MLC Mark Parnell.

“South Australia has the worst political donations laws in the nation.  Because of our slack laws, millions of dollars are flowing into the Labor and Liberal parties that do not need to be declared.

“That is bad for democracy, especially just weeks out from an election campaign,” he said.

The AEC returns for 2008/09 again feature developers, lobbyists, unions and the Australian Hotels Association prominently.

“Every year it’s the same: pokie barons, property developers and lobbyists all being extraordinarily generous to political parties.  The big question needs to be asked: why do they do it?
“Even worse, though, is the huge gap between the total amount received by parties, and how much has been declared to the Electoral Commission.  In the case of Labor and Liberal, there is over $3 million that remains unaccounted for. 

 “We simply do not know who has given the money and what they expect in return.

 “The Greens again call for state based law reform to cast more light on the murky world of political donations,” he said.

 The AEC data has been uploaded onto a special easy to search database:

Top 5 Donors to Labor                            

Shop Distributive (Union)                                           $ 121,723
Liquor LHMU (Union)                                                   $ 83,127
Australian Hotels Association                                    $ 70,321
Land SA/Fairmont Homes (Developer)                      $ 50,000
AMWU (Union)                                                             $ 48,597

Top 5 Donors to Liberal

Gerard Corporation (Manufacturing)                          $ 100,000
Australian Hotels Association                                    $ 67,410
Makris Group (Developer)                                           $ 30,000
Gordon Pickard/Fairmont Homes (Developer)          $ 25,000
ETSA Utilities                                                                $ 15,000

Top Categories (Labor)

Various ALP Entities                                             > $ 500,000
(ALP Holdings etc)
Unions                                                                        $ 253,447
Developers/Property                                                  $ 87,909     

(Makris, Leighton, Land SA, Baulderstone)                         
Hotels/Pokies                                                             $ 70,321

Top Categories (Liberal)

Manufacturing                                                          $ 102,200
(Gerard, Pfizer)
Hotels/Pokies                                                              $ 67,410
Developers/Property                                                  $ 57,775
(Makris, Baulderstone, Pickard/Fairmont Homes)
Utilities                                                                         $ 17,200
(ETSA, Optus)

Labor Missing Money

(Total Receipts – Declared Donors) =                    $ 1,719,357
Liberal Missing Money
(Total Receipts – Declared Donors) =                   $ 2,019,517
Total unaccounted (Lab and Lib) =                      $ 3,738,874 

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