Mark M Aldridge believes that an Independent Commission Against Corruption IS necessary in SA

 31% of SA victims including the Regions, currently believe nothing will be achieved by reporting a crime. 

Michael Atkinson latest letter to the Editor (Friday the 1st January 2010), is much the same as one he submitted a few weeks earlier, which in similar fashion tried to spin unsubstantiated figures to compliment the Rann governments “tough on crime” promise, Mark Aldridge, Independent Candidate for the Legislative Council,  said on Friday. 

“As the Minister for Justice, Michael Atkinson has an important role in this State’s Community Safety.  In Atkinson’s most recent piece of public prose, he denies that either he or Mr. Rann has made the statement… “There is no crime or corruption within S.A., the Government or its agencies”  but actions sometimes speak louder than words in their stance against and Independent Commission Against Corruption. Without doubt this statement makes it apparent that the two men believe they have all these matters under control” said Aldridge.
“The government’s own ABS figures paints a somewhat different picture, with 76% of the population feeling unsafe and only 30% of crimes now being reported.  These figures do not portray confidence in either public safety or the performance of SAPOL, with 31% of victims believing nothing will be achieved by reporting crime.  

By and large this has been the familiar cry coming out of Regional Towns and Remote Communities in South Australia, most apparent on radio talk back stations such as the ABC”.
“Mr. Atkinson lays his election wreath on the doorstep of existing watchdogs such as the Ombudsman, the Auditor-Generals office, the Police Complaints Authority, an independent Judiciary and the Independent content of South Australia’s Upper House”.
“The Rann Government has made it clear they wish to dispense with the Upper House while  Michael Atkinson chants his dogmatic mantra of the Idea of independent representatives”. 

“Mr. Atkinson has attacked the Independence of the Judiciary with legislation that disrespects this vital and democratic separation of powers”. 

“If Atkinson’s legislation were to be successful it would make Michael Atkinson personally both judge and juror at the expense of all South Australians basic civil rights and freedoms not forsaking equity before the law!  Fortunately for the public, Atkinson’s poorly written “Serious and organised Crime Control Act” legislation has failed once already and is under the scrutiny of our Independent Judiciary and the fact he is not giving up on such narrow-minded, draconian legislation”. 

“Each failure in the courts is being paid for by those whose rights he is trying to deny ie. “we the public”, making the Judiciary all we have to rely on at present; a very expensive option for those seeking justice”  emphasised Aldridge.
Aldridge iterated that, “The continual and well noted assaults on the Justice system make a mockery of the position of Minister for Justice and further diminish Atkinson’s arguments against an ICAC”.  
“The Police complaints Authority are self-governing which is a less than satisfactory situation, having any department investigating itself!  The Auditor General’s office has similar conflict of interest overtones”, said Mark.
“Mr. Atkinson’s use of federal figures to brag South Australian success is again, more spin than substance. The ABS figures clearly show that the public in South Australia have less confidence in reporting crime and less trust in community safety. To further brag that more offenders will go to prison and for longer terms, is nothing more than playing to the uneducated fear mongering that “we the public” have come to expect”.
“A truly Independent Commission Against Corruption is supported by not only the opposition but a majority of the minor parties, independents and those I have talked to in the public arena, the only opposition to its introduction is by the Labor Government. I sincerely hope it is not because they have something to hide, but considering their concrete opposition it does not paint a healthy picture”, Aldridge concluded.
Mark M Aldridge is the
Independent Candidate for the Legislative Council
South Australian State Election March 2010
P O Box 1073 Virginia S.A. 5120
08 82847482 / 0403379500

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  1. In life & law it was recently said to me by a natural person, from what we whitefellas have called since 1828, “Western Australia” [with “Instructions to the Admiralty to take formal possession of the western portion of the continent 5 November 1828 (UK) ] that “a stream cannot rise higher than its source”

    I note from above that the ABS statistics ratios v the white population per capita were not inclusive of Sovereign Original people in gaol on who’s lands we have since 28 Dec 1836 annually re-enacted Proclamation Day at “The Old Gum Tree, Glenelg, Holdfast Bay, SA”

    Where is the Independent International Court on these possible-probable fundamental fraud criminal questions? Equally where is the posthumous Court Marshal of then Lt James Cook at “Possession Island” 22 Aug 1770 apparently breaching King George III RN British Admiralty Secret Sealed Orders?

    Until we acknowledge, and dare I say redress, these apparently fraudulent, fictional Founding Documents, as Stephen Covey’s book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” has a whole Chapter, even another book on “First Things First” … we will not rest comfortably in any beds at night … ignorance is no excuse!

    For example I note ReconciliationSA’ & ANTaR SA’s thus AnglicareSA’s & others’ cynical silence on the recent sales of former summer Vice Regal Residence Marble Hill & Oaklands Estate Reserve out of the so-called “South Australian Public Estate” !!

  2. Fact that top dog Rann lies blatantly to the press is a sure sign the rot has gone too far! Adelaide has become a cesspit of its own making.

    Time to sweep out the old cronies and usher in some radical changes.

  3. This Stazi…sorry.. Labor Govt. worked out long ago the politics of fear may assist them to squeeze out an extra term or two from apathetic voters. Unfortunately it appears to be working. They have almost succeeded in creating a hidden ‘weapons of mass destruction’ belief about the Bikie groups by voters while averting attention away from their own ‘weapons of mass corruption’ !..the dress, bring out the dress.! !

  4. We have to agree with Bill Lewinski that the apathetic city voters are not aware of what is happening regarding hidden weapons of mass destruction and corruption. You’re right to recognise the diversion.

    We live in the Flinders Ranges which is part of the Region that Mark talks about and I bet Mark hasn’t missed the weapons companies with an interest in the uranium mines over here. Just noticed the map on another page and “ding”, we are already targetted for the scrap heap after seeing that. How clear do you want it? Come and have a weekend up here and take a look around.

    The police are not present to any great extent for the members of the communities. But as soon as we kick up a fuss about the dirty genocide practises of these mines, the police quickly come to the aid of the mines and who cops it, the voters.

    Why do you think Roxby has a huge police force and presence allotted to it’s town? Get real here. Once the dirt and muck hypes up and we complain about our air and drinking water then who gets the support? You got it in one…The dirty Mines and their weapons company affiliiates. The bikers were only to be a sacrifice to get to the civil rights off all South Australians.

    Will have more for you on this later. In the meantime, take a look at where the government are really focusing while they breach your rights. This is a clever scheme and not many realise where it’s heading.

    We are a pseudo “colony” of Britain and Britain is broke and this country is only a mineral source in their eyes to stabilise Britain’s economy.

    We agree the people need to get rid of this scurge Britain and it’s well paid slaves, the Corporation of South Australia, who are sucking the life out of the environment are under orders. Nepotism and profits for the few sellouts who might get a Free card out of the Country, like Howard did.

    But where do find an ICAC who isn’t paid by these flaming Brits?

  5. Well said Gordon, the Rann government are the masters of spin. They have sold anti civil rights legislation as Bikie laws, and while we all ponder the consequences, they are pulling off even more behind our backs.
    The mental health act and the public health act, all have sections that are ignorant of civil rights and liberties. We are but a huge mine for the multi nationals, who are doing nothing more than stealing our long term future, and the pollys are involved by their silence.
    Time for Change is now while we have the freedom of information of the internet, but they are working on that as we speak, there is no time for apathy.

  6. Its promising to have an independent candidate that is talking the talk, but mark do you commit to walking the walk?..

    if so you will no doubt receive enormous support from the outback communities that are literally and figuratively existing in a state of lawlessness…ie the Outback Areas undefined in terms of council legislative procedure, convenient no doubt considering the pillaging of people, culture, and resources unchecked for many a decade.

    Its also helpful that outback communities are becoming stronger and more aware of the risks to health from the current and past mining policies of state and federal governments and as Mark McMurtrie and others have covered on this news site, the foundations upon which current policy rests is to any reasonable observer, not lawful in the everyday sense of the word, and negligent of the health of past, current and future generations.

    And as Louise notes above the rogue nature of the premier is now public knowledge of some certainty but whether we look at the game of catch between labor and liberal parties, the entire system needs to be purged from the top down on what you correctly point out as a complete breakdown of and respect of seperation between the westminster pillars of power….did that system ever serve us anyway, and is not a complete revision of (pigs in trough) politics now the only way to return society to some sense of honourable order where the servants are just that and not in it to gouge themselves disgracefully on the spoils of power.

  7. Catherine I very much enjoyed reading your reply, I could do with a writer…lol, I am far from an university taught scholar, more so a self educated patriot, none the less, the amount of issues that are deserving of a change in direction are so numerous it is some what breath taking, I have always laid the blame with an electoral system written by those with the most to gain from structural biases, entrenching 2 party politics and the resulting apathy.

    Our Out back Community’s loose the most from the 2 party system as their representatives are not enough in numbers to sway party policy, remembering that the city vote is all the major party’s seem interested in.

    The country communities best remember that even though this seems the case, even city infrastructure has hit the wall, due to the complacency of our major parties, whom seem more interested in lining the their own pockets and those of their mates at the expense of any common sence and fair play.

    The work ahead of me as an Independent is huge and at times overwhelming, so I can offer nothing more than putting my best foot forward, furthering my education, and fighting for equity, I will at the very least give the majors a bloody hard time consistently for 8 years if elected….. :)

  8. Well thanks Mark, we can all pitch in and help with writing activities. Your site is refreshing, if you can educate your fellow politicians about issues of equity and highlight the flaws so they can be corrected we cant ask more than that, thank god you don’t wear a tie – you vaguely resemble a human being :)
    Yes there is complacency and there is systemic failures as well. I read the Adelaide papers and am glad that independent news outlets exist like the CP Times.
    I am optimistic about positive change in 2010, as I travel the outback towns of NSW and Queensland I am seeing signs of regrowth – policy shifts toward aiding this trend in the outback areas will give people a healthy alternative to the stress ridden cities, even if its for a holiday, this country has so much to offer I wonder why more young people are not cruising the bush like they did in the 70s and 80s, probably because there is a need for more free camping sites and budget accomadation in these areas – its fine for the cashed up grey nomads but we need to inject young energy as well into these fascinating areas.

  9. Read this a few times, but didn’t comment. It’s great to see someone who cares about all people and can reach them at their level and also alert them to lurking dangers in stall by the current govt.
    There does seem to be some interesting stuff happening with water in particular as we are all feeling the pinch. There’s a smell of corruption around this area. Do you think this goverment has lost the plot, or the plot is just being revealed???

  10. The government couldn’t lose something they haven’t had a handle on for many
    Seek and we will find, has only recently become available through the internet, so the plot is being exposed.
    The problem still remains that the main stream media still hold most of the deck, so it is up to us to spread the word to those yet to become net savy .
    The coming decade will defiantly lead to the end of 2 party politics, unless the public learn to take the ear plugs out.
    The truth is now out in the open so best we use it before they find a way to hide it again.

  11. This would have to be the sloppiest government in history and don’t seem to have a clue about the consequences of corruption. When we say government, we really mean the upgrade of the South Australia company to it’s corporation They must think we are ALL bloody dumb or something.
    Your right, they never had anything they didn’t get from deception. Lets hope the price they pay will be high because the ordinary people are paying for this with their lives and the quality thereof. Anyone who is old or disabled is not a business proposition unless it’s before some election. Later its a different story.

    I read the Shaun Berg book but all he’s saying is the SA corp need a treaty. He’s the devil’s advocate too.
    They only want a treaty so they can knock off the minerals quicker….I didn’t mean to leave out the water.
    What it boils down to is we don’t have a government at all. It’s just a word they use because nobody challenges it.

    All the dumb arse people who vote without looking will get exactly what they voted for. They are the Corporate Board and we are only the members of their ship crew about to walk the plank. Maybe time for a competitive corp, or get the real one on track before things get worse.
    Stuff the stupid media too – friggin paid puppets. We got others ways of finding stuff out. Keep up the good work.

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