No protection for Civil Rights – Change is Necessary!

Mark M Aldridge, Independent Candidate for the Legislative Council says, “Our hard earned Civil and Human rights are not protected and are under attack by draconian legislation.   Accountability of government and their many departments does not exist.  Revenue collection is overriding genuine road safety while at the same time police services are both underfunded and being used as a government tool”.

“Mike Rann’s promise to be tough on crime, has proved to be nothing more than smoke and mirrors from the master of spin, at the expense of Justice and accountability for the those minority groups (soft targets) he labels and the community in general, says Aldridge”.

“Small businesses like mine are being destroyed in favour of multinational and large business interests, inequality and racial tensions are being further divided via government’s continued improper statements, labelling of minority groups and intervention not appropriate to our community’s unity and best interests”, said Mark Aldridge..

“The Illegal gun trade presents a perfect example, to be able to spin some good figures, rather than investigate criminal use and increase community safety, it is easy to harass and intimidate the licensed owners as they are very easy to find, in cases I have become aware, the police either come in the early hours of the morning, or are ill prepared with incorrect information as the owners firearms licenses, in any case they treat the law abiding owner as if accountability on the Police’s behalf is optional.
I have studied cases where after extensive time and legal costs to the victim, the police simply drop there trumped up case, leaving the innocent out of pocket, and with no accountability for their mistakes or deliberate harassment which ever we choose to believe, this problem is not about to go away”.
The same problems have arisen for innocent motorists, said Mr. Aldridge. “Anti Civil Rights Legislation” more commonly sold as Anti Bikie Laws, have seen many an innocent biker fined, defected or intimidated for no reasonable grounds, again fines or defects proven to be unwarranted, seem to be part of their agenda, with the police seemingly unaccountable for their mistakes or actions”.
“Even the Hoon problems have caught out innocent motoring enthusiasts, as if our choice of transport warrants attention rather than our conduct on the road.
Attacks on our hard earned Freedoms, Rights and Liberties by poorly written Legislation is bad enough, but to allow intimidation of the innocent to bolster the spin campaign “tough on Crime’” is unforgivable”.
“Choosing to be a sporting shooter is not a crime, neither is choosing a Harley Davidson or custom car as your mode of transport, what we decide to wear, or the colour of our skin should not attract police attention or government slander and accountability should always be a two-way street”.
If we the public are to be held accountable for mistakes of misdemeanors, so should those employed to serve and protect our interests be it the police or our government, and that includes the writing of inept law, unjust fines or intimidation.
The weight of these many problems falls firmly on the shoulders of the Minister for Justice, Michael Atkinson the Attorney General, as such a Protest Rally demanding his resignation is being held at Parliament house on the 20 November 2009 at 4.00pm.
Many patriotic clubs and associations will join the people in support of the fight for accountability and a Fair Go, ensuring it to be one of the largest Protest rallies in recent history.
If we exclude the argument between road safety and revenue raising, there would be plenty of South Australians that have yet to become a victim of these escalating problems, but for those lucky ones, just which group will be next and will it include yourself or a loved one?

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Mark M Aldridge
Independent Candidate for the Legislative Council
P O Box 1073 Virginia S.A. 5120
08 82847482 / 0403379500

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  1. My mate said that south australia wasn’t anything more than a company. how true is that? built on bluff, fluff and lies. they don’t seem to be for the people over here. civil rights are popping off left right and centre. what are they scared of? it seems anyone that has a group bigger than there police force which don’t seem to help the people much. that atkinson is a disgrace to the word legal. need anyone say more. the name thug springs to mind

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