“Annual slaughter of native birds must stop,” says Parnell

 The SA Upper House has rejected a Greens Bill to permanently ban duck hunting in South Australia.

 Labor, Liberal, Family First and the 2 ‘No Pokies’ Independents all voted against the National Parks and Wildlife (Ban on Hunting Protected Animals) Bill that was introduced into the SA Parliament by Greens MLC Mark Parnell.

“I was desperately hoping this year’s open hunting season would be the last one ever in South Australia,” said Greens MLC Mark Parnell.

 “There is simply no reason for our native birds to be shot out of the sky for sport. The killing and maiming of native birds is indefensible and has no place in a compassionate society.

“South Australia is one of the last places in Australia to allow the recreational shooting of ducks. NSW, Queensland and WA have all banned it. It’s time to stop this cruel and inhumane practice here in SA once and for all,” he said.

 An open duck shooting season ran in SA from March to May in 2009, after being cancelled the previous year due to low bird numbers and the poor state of bird habitat in the State’s South East.

“The decision to hold an open shooting season earlier this year was a major surprise and disappointment,” said Mr Parnell. 

“Our understanding is the Government will be making a decision in February about whether to open another hunting season in 2010.  Now is the time for all good hearted citizens who oppose this ‘sport’ to start campaigning, and to urgently lobby all Labor, Liberal and Family First MP’s. 

“In the shadow of the March 2010 State election, we must convince them that the SA public overwhelmingly wants this annual slaughter of ducks to be stopped once and for all,” he said.

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  1. Most of us would agree with you Mark that the slaughter of Native birds is appalling, but then so is the slaughter of many other native species slipping under your radar, including the 1080 baiting of Native Dingos on traditional Native lands.

    The use of cyanide in gold mining is also a cruel way to see animals die, despite the high fences at Roxby Downs and other mines slipping into communities, many allege this is happening. There are many such mines processing and harvesting Native minerals using deadly chemicals on Native lands where people are lobbying alone.

    When was the last time you traversed the outback where this practice appears to be rife and listened to the people who seemed to have had a better balance than is happening now?

    When was the last time you lobbied for the Natives themselves and not just their natural food supply of which you/we have become quite possessive? It appears that your and others priority lists are a little on the commercial side.

    It’s a bit like the other pet hobby of trying to save the Sprigg’s Sanctuary, and not the nearby communities actually drinking the filthy water from the established mines. Not to mention the air they must be breathing.

    Aren’t these species Native enough?

  2. Have to aggree with Selective Natives. Was appalled to read about the slaughter of natives ducks and even appalled more angry than appalled to discover the severe and crule slaughter of dingoes by way of 1080. Weren’t the traps satisfying enough for this bloodthirsty, remote control style goverment.

    They are only meant to govern Australians, not the country and are no better than the Chinese with their disgusting and inhumane practices against precious fauna and people who all have their place in ecology. They need to learn to work around natural habitat that doesn’t belong to them.

    Heard today that Peter Garrett was running around the country doing a stock take of native fauna. Anyone would think that Peter Garrett and Co has some historic rights to stock take Native species. This is so hillarious when you think about it.

    I hope this timely “conservatiion” exercise didn’t involve toxic fuel consumption as they futher muddy their reputations and someone elses country which they can be flicked out of at any time.

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