Year 12 students graduating receive their certificates

On Tuesday the 24th of November 2009, Coober Pedy Area School held their annual presentation day. The ceremony is an acknowledgement of the achievements the school, the students and involved community members have accomplished throughout the year.

*The Year 2/3 students gave us a sneak peak of their musical.
*The choir gave us a brilliant performance.
*And, the Dance Group performed for their very first time at the end of the ceremony.

Miss Walker’s CPC class receive their preschool diplomas

*The CPC students who will be Reception students next year graduated from the kindy. The students to successfully complete their preschool diploma were:
Kate Aulich
Anni Holdrich
Stephanie Jukic
Chloe Lewis, Jarod Talbot
Tonola Treloar
Kasey Watts
Zac Zerna

*The year 12 students who successfully completed their SACE also received their graduation certificates. These students were:
Layne Borrett
Richelle Borrett
Veronika Hammermeister
Sophie Reynolds
Anna Tsakiridis

Award winners for the day were:

Principal’s Awards:
*Sophie Reynolds (Year 12)
*Eilish Kiely-Kavanagh (Year 9)
*Heidi Brdoch (Year 6)
*Amy Boland (Year 3)
*Jade Lee (Year 2)
*Jayden Simmonds-Clemments (Year 1)
*Ishmael Tindal (Reception)
*Stephanie Jukic (CPC)

The choir gave the audience a brilliant performance during the awards ceremony

Primary Awards:
Miss Walker’s CPC
*Academic Excellence: Anni Holdrich
*Student of the year: Chloe Lewis
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Anthony Tindal
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Tenola Treloar
Mrs Kenny’s R/1
*Academic Excellence: Joshua Carboni
*Student of the year: Emma Borrett
*Merit certificate for excellent leadership: Anastasia Harrald
*Merit certificate for Improvement in all areas: Deandra Cullinun
Mrs Jones year R/1
*Academic Excellence: Giordan Staines
*Student of the year: Jake Simmonds-Clemments
*Merit certificate for most improved: Karen Brown
*Merit certificate for most consistent: Anna Blatchford
Miss Sydor’s year 2/3
*Academic Excellence: Sebastian Clark
*Student of the year: Kiara Curnow
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Shyanne Roesch
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Francis Lennon
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Kevin Fatt
Miss Hembury’s year 2/3
*Academic Excellence: Jake Aulich
*Student of the year: Ayla Jane-Forman
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Chloe Simmonds-Clemments
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Mikey Roesch
Ms Wenham’s year 4
*Academic Excellence: Daniella Jukic
*Student of the year: Alex Carmichael
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Tate Lee
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Evanna Williams
Miss Gartrell’s year 5
*Academic Excellence: Anthony Carbrera
*Student of the year: Krystin Mance
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Tyron Kiely-Kavanagh
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Peter Kyritzaliotis
Mr Wildy’s year 6
*Academic Excellence: Marie-Clare Harrald
*Student of the year: Siobhan Monaghan-Spooner
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Yasmina Jukic
*Merit certificate for quiet achievement: Angie Aretas

The Year 2/3 students gave everyone a sneak peak of their new musical

Secondary Awards:
Ms Griffiths’ year 7
*Academic Excellence: Callier Newton
*Student of the year: Michael Sostaric-Blatchford
*Merit Certificate for quiet achievement: Patrick Kiely-Kavanagh
*Merit Certificate for quiet achievement: Jennifer Mazzone
Mr Newton’s year 8
*Academic Excellence: Katina Georgianoudis
*Student of the year: Zoe Crisa
*Merit Certificate for quiet achievement: Kylie Vidos
*Merit Certificate for quiet achievement: Matthew Cotter
Miss Matthews’ year 9
*Academic Excellence: Kateryna Karpenko
*Merit Certificate for continued improvement: Isabella Crisa
Miss Gum’s year 10
*Academic Excellence: Bradley Cotter
*Student of the year: Josephine Zelenko
*Merit Certificate for quiet achievement: Pamela Bulotano
*Merit Certificate for quiet achievement: Jessica Raines
Mr Kenny’s 11/12
*Academic Excellence: Richelle Borrett
*Student of the year: Sophie Reynolds
*Merit Certificate for quiet achievement: Veronkia Hammermeister

Hoveida Sabeeri Maths and Science Awards
*Junior Secondary: Eilish Kiely-Kavanagh
*Senior Secondary: Bradley Cotter

Community Acknowledgement Awards:
*Damien Clark
*Prudie Clark
*Gary Orvad
*Paul Williamson

Australian Defence Force Award for outstanding contribution to the community:
*Sophie Reynolds

South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SAASTA) Awards:
*Alex Carmichael
*Evanna Williams
*Izzy Zelenko
*Deaahna Riessen
*Jordan Riessen
*Richard Naylon
*Kyle Larkins
*Dimos Tsakaridis

The Dance Group performed for the very first time at the end of the ceremony.

An excellent day was had by all and it was a brilliant opportunity to voice some of the fantastic achievements of the school this year. These include:
*The establishment of SAASTA
*The revamp of the Home Economics Centre
*The outstanding accomplishments of the choir
*The establishment of Dance
*Many camps and excursions
*A Coober Pedy Area School Musical
*The establishment of the Garden behind the Home Economics Centre
*Increased Literacy and Numeracy levels
*Being named as the lead school in the new Outback Trade Training Centre

Thank you to all who were involved in making this day a success. In particular we would like to thank the community members who assisted us:
*Damien and Prudie Clark
*Lois Watts
*Brian Underwood

Thank you
Elise Matthews on behalf of
Coober Pedy Area School Presentation Day Committee