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“People from the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunyjatjara Lands will be more empowered to protect their rights as consumers”,  says Minister for Consumer Affairs Gail Gago  following yesterday’s launch of an informative CD called Talk About Shopping, in Coober Pedy.  Ms Gago was accompanied by member for Giles Lyn Breuer.

The new education tool discusses consumer issues in Pitjantjatjara and Yankunyjatjara, as well as English. It has been produced by the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs in collaboration with Service SA.

Speaking at the launch in Coober Pedy Minister Gago said: “This new approach means that many  people without English skills will have access to information about shopping and the South Australian government law, in their mother tongue, making the messages relevant to them.”

“The CD covers many topics, ranging from understanding credit and what you need to think of when buying a buying a car to refund rights and how to make a complaint when things go wrong or when a trader is being unfair.  The accompany booklets gives advice on how to take out loans, rent a home, buy a car, buy a mobile phone, use the layby system and general spending.

“Ms Gago said, “For Indigenous people living in remote South Australia, where consumers can be much more vulnerable, I believe this will be an incredibly important and useful tool. as well as being a valuable resource, this project has been the result of excellent collaboration and input from Indigenous people”.

“The CD features the voices of Indigenous women, a cover design by a prominent Anangu artist from the APY lands and music and lyrics performed by up-and-coming Indulkana group Iwantja Band, with assistance from APY TAFE, said Ms Gago.

“Earlier this year a book version of Talk About Shopping aimed at people from the APY Lands without English literacy knowlege was launched and has been well-received by consumers and government agencies distributing the publication”, said Ms Gago.

“This CD reinforces the same sorts of messages in the booklet and, most importantly, it also makes sure cultural Anangu who don’t have English knowledge are incorporated into this awareness and educational campaign.”

The Talk About Shopping CD and booklets is to be distributed through Service SA, Families SA and other government agencies through the Lands and at other locations in the north of SA with Indigenous populations.

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  1. When our Consumer Minister Hon Gail Gago MLC go from “many people without English skills” to ngayulu kulini tjukutjuku? What does our ALP SAGov know about our on-going obligations and bottomline responsibilities to Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunyjatjara Sovereignty?

    Is this really a matter of International Law?

    Remember that Minister Hon Gail Gago MLC has like all South Australian Parliamentarians sworn “an oath, or make an affirmation, of allegiance to the Queen of England.” …

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