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During Carers Week (which occurs in October each year), I was reminded of the “contrast” between the Australian approach to people with physical health problems compared to our approach to those with emotional or mental health issues. If a friend is ill with a medical condition, caring people feel comfortable about sending cards or flowers, providing meals, making phone calls or providing other support for the stressed family.

However, if someone we know is affected by an emotional or mental illness, there is a tendency to back away. This leaves the carers of those with mental illness feeling very isolated and can increase their already high levels of stress. Often, it is not a lack of caring on our part but just that the illness is not generally understood and we are not sure of what to do.

Based on my experience as a health worker, a good option is to educate ourselves about the issue of concern by using reliable websites and other resources that provide guidelines for responding to difficult illnesses. Be sure to contact those caring for the person with the emotional or mental illness and ask what would help them most. Often the answer will be the same as for any other illness – cards, flowers, phone calls, meals, time out for a coffee and a chat, outings for the children, transport to appointments and other practical help.

Coober Pedy has impressed me already as a friendly and caring community. This is a strength to be proud of and one that cities often lack. Based on this, there is much we already do and more we could do as a community to support carers of people with mental health issues.

As always, caring benefits all of us.

Jenni Morley – Coober Pedy

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  1. Well done Jenni!

    As a former National Mental Health Strategy 1992-2008 Northern Territory Health Ministerial 2x3year Appointed Community Advisory Group (NTCAG) elected Deputy Chair 1997-2003, I helped launch in Mparntwe (Alice Springs) our Promotion, Prevention and Early Intervention (PPEI) National Action Plan 2000.

    I’ve since used it along with our SA Premier Appointed Social Inclusion Commissioner Monsignor David Cappo’s Recommendations to help our Kangaroo Island Health Service (KIHS) zero suicide since Jan 2008 on KI after 7x Islanders took their lives 2004-2007.

    If any reader would like to learn more do please contact KIHS via

    You are absolutely right, it is vital then that we in society in our communities actively positively and socially inclusively engage our people with psychological-psychiatric challenges. Helping people to learn or relearn breathing centred coping strategies to relax, calm, recentre ourselves eg all really seriously help each other help each other … Relationships Australia do a wonderful job in this regard too.

    Kind regards and best wishes to everyone up there in CP – especially my friend Oui Oui at Radeka’s!

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