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Damages sustained to family vehicle

Damages sustained to family vehicle

Members of Coober Pedy family received medical treatment after experiencing a violent assault while attending the funeral of a relative in a Far North Community on Thursday 27th August 2009.  Allegations are:

*That the  family’s 15 year old child was viciously attacked by a number of adults in the carpark of the remote cemetery.  

*Family members who came to the girl’s  aid were assailed upon by adults wielding a baseball bat, large sticks and a wheel brace.

*The family car was parked near the community cemetery when an individual approached and cut through the back of the car with a knife.

*The tyres of the vehicle were then systematically slashed, before two more persons appeared, one carrying a baseball bat and another with a crowbar who proceeded to smash the windows of the vehicle.

Front windscreen of family car after damages

Front windscreen of family car after damages

*Reports at the time, that there was an attempt to set the car alight while the teenager was sitting in the vehicle are not yet confirmed.

*The 15 year old who tried to run to her family, was  assaulted firstly by an 18 year old girl and then an older male who used a baseball bat on her, before being joined by a mature female who also assaulted the youngster with the baseball bat.

*The teenager sustained blows to the back of the neck below her skull, across the back and both arms from the weapons used in the attack by the adults.

Both tail lights of the four wheel drive were smashed

Both tail lights of the four wheel drive were smashed

*Family members who rushed  to assist the girl, who believes she was struggling for her life, were brutally assaulted as the assailants turned their weapons on the mother of the child and other family members.

*Witnesses have said that the mother, a Coober Pedy resident, became unconscious after sustaining blows to the head, neck, back and arms. X-rays have since revealed a severe break to the right arm. 

The family were initially treated at a local clinic before the daughter was taken to the Coober Pedy Hospital for treatment.  Two  women who sustained head injuries in the attack received stitches.

One of the four tyres slashed during the rampage

One of the four tyres slashed during the rampage

The father of the teenager says his daughter and the women were ambushed by adults wielding weapons and describes the attack on the women and child as a cowardly and senseless act which has served no purpose and hopes that those involved will be apprehended by the police. 

He says that  no realistic  motive for the  attack is apparent and that any of the blows received by the victims could have killed or maimed them.

The mother who lost consciousness during the attack has said that her assailants did not stop using their weapons on her after she passed out. 

 The weapons were described several times by those present as a baseball bat, a large stick and a wheel brace.  The mother said that despite the individuals arriving at the cemetery, they didn’t attend the graveside service.

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