According to Ms Jennifer Rankine the Minister for Families and Communities, in Coober Pedy on Tuesday (today), Anangu on the APY Lands will be able to apply for home loans through a HomeStart program to purchase  homes being built on their homelands on APY Lands in the far north of South Australia. 

Ms Rankine said the loans are going very well even though the interest rates are higher.  “Home Start have some excellent products available for aboriginal people to be able to purchase their own homes”, said Ms Rankine. 

Speaking of the delivery of new homes to the APY lands, Ms Rankine said it was an exciting day on Monday when an MOU was signed.  Ms Rankine told regional radio that  the aim of building these new homes is to reduce overcrowding and increase homemaker education services. 

The agreement and funds will sustain ongoing jobs for contractors and others in a national  partnership with a budget of $292 million and a view to 200 new homes being built.

The homes will be managed by Housing SA.  Ms Rankine said she was very excited.

“A larger number of tenders will be sought said  to build these homes to achieve value for the $292 million investment”, said Minister Rankine .

Ms Rankine said that discussions are still ongoing, including how the housing will be modelled as in the style of accommodation and how the APY residents will be expected to pay for these homes. 

Minister Rankine spoke of 23 houses currently being contracted at Amata.  Amata is the administration centre for the APY lands and is also the office of the Lands Council.

Four new two bedroom homes are scheduled to be built in Indulkana with four currently near completion. Some of these will be two and four bedroom homes and others will be one and two bedroom homes. A four bedroom house is likely to have two bedrooms outside the home with outdoor facilities for visitors.  Ms Rankine said consultation is continuing. 

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  1. Munda! Ngayulu kulini tjukutjuku (Sorry! I know little) …

    mmm, where was/is the Anangu community consultations?

    2/ Who were/are the architects?

    3/ Have you seen those houses at Mutitjulu, Uluru that are designed around traditional wiltja and yuu architecture!?

    4/ Who sat in the sands with Anangu!?

    5/ Are Anangu being paid through Habitat for Humanity & ShelterSA to build!? Why should Anangu have to pay legal fiction legal tender for houses on their lands!? They never did before we whitefellas came in 1836 …

  2. Does anyone really believe those reasons?

    They don’t and won’t. Maybe if they have a new SORRY CAMP built it could have a WORRY CAMP annexed to it. At least there’ll be somewhere to stay when Anangu realise interest rates fluctuate and payments must be found AND made regularly and it just ain’t happening. Can’t trade as per culture on this one.
    Wonder where they heard about HomeStart??

  3. A disgrace!

    Rudd and Co are implementing another form of financial slavery to enable the ongoing trashing and extraction of minerals. Look at the Act Under review – its nothing about heritage its about reserving mineral rights for the Crown.

    Its unlawful and people should disregard Rudd and Rankine until they are brought to trial and then the evidence of the corruption will weigh upon those that are chosen to judge and return land and resources again to the people.

  4. The timing of the original Aboriginal Land Act 1966 just prior to the referendum to vote removed aboriginals from the prestige folio of ‘fauna and flora’ did not occur without notice.

    Australian history is dotted with many naughty bits, where legislation is drafted and made law to validate and legitimise actions and intentions which are about mineral acquisition and the denial of land rights particularly where the valuable minerals come into the equation.

    There would be a scramble to make a review of a racist and greedy act, and any such act would work to create an alternate view with the same ends using selective financial incentive and public relations to modify the historical not niceties, which embarrassingly remain on the parliamentary statute. Thus the interest in the UN, who by their own charter are required to pass comments and recommendations regarding nations which are not adhering to the fundamentals of the treaties to protect fundamental human rights. Of course Australia is well located on the council and post ‘sorry’ mistakingly thought they had created a blind spot, while the uranium and minerals rort continued under the legislated process of fast trek mineral removal without to much fuss, namely the Native Title Act and its morphed versions and state based appendages, it has worked like a virus to contaminate small communities and poison the land. But thats not what the politicians told us but at least now we can record and look at the results. Not pretty in terms of the unaccounted for costs which will be borne by many future generations.

    It is a continuation of the modus operandi of economic slavery and the original intentions of colonisation but is now sold under various media propagated channels, two of the favourites being ‘jobs’ and ‘economic growth’, both of which of course are a lie and a joke and would indeed if left unchecked result in a ‘dead planet’

    Like Swine Flu, politicians and the sycophants that attach themselves to same industry are both an invention and a virus, and like both each of them have their time and then will expire.

    Cheers to anyone who rejects this current scenario to simply say ‘NO’ to the money and bribes and follow some other path not involving bribery which improves the local and extended community without the ongoing grief and social costs.

  5. The more you read and observe about this Politics thing, you got to admit that each party is worse than the other. The one that’s out always looks the best. – Will Rogers (1879-1935) American Actor, Humorist

    Your soul to God, your body to dust, your property to your relatives, because thus it has been found written. – Maltese Proverb

    We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive. – C. S. Lewis (1898-1963) English Literary Scholar

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