Letter to the editor Sir / Madam,

Recently Penny Wong could not explain to Steve Fielding any evidence climate change is in fact man made. Therefore if it`s not man made, how will reducing CO2 effect climate change?.

If Penny Wong wants an Emission trading scheme to have the support of the country, there are four questions she should explain (and I attach graphs to back up these questions.)

If rising CO2 levels cause the earth to get hotter why have global air temperatures stopped increasing since 1998?

If rising CO2 levels cause the oceans to get warmer then why are global ocean temperatures of the last 5 years decreasing?

If rising CO2 levels cause sea levels to rise then why have sea levels stopped rising since 2006?

If rising CO2 levels are supposed to make the arctic ice caps melt, then why is 2009`s arctic ice sheet approx 400,000 square kms more than 2007 levels.

The only logical answer I can see is that the theory CO2 effects climate change is totally wrong. Unfortunately it appears few of todays politicians can understand and discuss scientific evidence properly.

Leon Ashby President The Climate Sceptics PO, Box 721, Mt Gambier SA 5290 Ph 0887259561 or 0887235550

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  1. Great questions easy answer.

    Penny Wong, like Peter Garrett are called ‘puppets’.

    The Puppeteers of a company called China Inc. it seems

    The South East Asia Sales Representative for China Inc, is a person we all know well…Kevin Rudd. The Sales Training took place in Beijing in the 1980’s. Another successful graduate of the camp was Ross Garnaut who was hired by his class mate to produce the Garnaut Report, the basis upon which the ETS was to be built. Climate Change is Scary Stuff!

    Kevin and Ross were good students but not graduates. China Inc must have been very pleased when Kevin 07 became a candidate in Australia’s election campaign. Was Ian Tang the minder/supervisor? More on this at otherwise follow the articles in the Australian by Glenne Milne.

    Kevin succeeded but unfortunately the “supervisor” left a stinky trail. Kevin has followed through on providing China Inc with unlimited supplies of LNG and coal and anything else that is required. Kevin has also been careful to make sure that nothing Green occurs because this is not part of the agreement. Fuelwatch and some dumb other websites seem to assist in keeping the punters guessing, but most Australians are not as dumb as the PM envisaged and so seems more obsessed with writing essays than writing policy or responding to his critics.

    Climate Change and ETS is called a ‘ Look there, not here’ strategy of global governments…it creates a healthy amount of fear and confusion but you will still notice that most freight in Australia is by diesel trucks and air quality in Australian cities is appalling because we have the worst fuel standards in the world and most people have seizures while filling up their car with toxic petroleum despite the fact we have abundant reserves of natural gas…but the Manchurian candidate was good to his word and this is all on its way in diesel bunker tankers to our asian neighbors.

    The politics behind all this is well covered in :

    Its also a great example of how bad the ABC has become in covering such issues of national importance.

    Dont take too much notice of Penny, she’s not a graduate but she’s on good wages.

  2. If Senator Fielding has not been able to understand the scientific arguments behind human-induced climate change, this does not prove that such change is not a fact.

    It is interesting that the climate change denialists now seem to be in fact agreeing that climate change is happening, though they believe that hum,an activity has not caused it.

    Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the “greenhouse gases” which make our earthly atmosphere suitable for life. It does this by retaining some of the heat which is radiated back to space. As global warming is indeed happening, then by reducing our C02 emissions, we would indeed help to reduce global warming, even if its cause has been something other than human activity.

    1 About global temperatures. NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) report that “The eight warmest years in the GISS record have all occurred since 1998, and the 14 warmest years in the record have all occurred since 1990.”

    Global temperatures have not stopped rising. Over the past century global temperatures have steadily increased. There have been small “dips” on the way up. A 10 year period is far too short a time to show the clear trend, over a century

    2. Global ocean temperatures. Global ocean temperatures rose to the warmest on record, according to data released in July 2009 by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The combined average global land and ocean surface temperature for June was second-warmest since global recording-keeping began in 1880.

    3. Global average sea level rise. I have not yet been able to find data on the average sea level rise of the past 4 years. However, as with global temperatures there has been a steadily increasing rise in average global sea levels oner the past century. Again, a 10 year period does not give a valid picture of this trend.

    4. Arctic sea ice. Yes, arctic sea ice did cover a wider area in 2007. The amount of sea ice in fact varies often over the years. The relationship of sea ice to global warming is a complicated one. The leading U.S. climate scientist Dr. James Hansen explains it in this way:
    “The most precise data on the mass of the ice sheets, from the gravity satellite, show that, overall, Antarctica is losing mass, as is Greenland, even though East Antarctica is gaining a small amount of mass.”
    “All of the models, and the observations, have the central parts of Greenland and Antarctica growing faster because of global warming. This is a consequence of warmer air holding more moisture, thus increasing snowfall. But the net effect of warming on both continental ice sheets is mass loss, the increased melting being a larger effect than the increased snowfall.”

    Climate change denialists will have to do better than just quote a 20 year period to try to disprove the facts of a whole century. It is now thought that El Nino events are related to global warming. And a new El Nino is on the way – to exacerbate the effects of global warming.

    How nice it would be, if Mr Ashby and co were correct. But I’m afraid that the coming summer will test their credibility,

  3. Flat Earthers and Cool Earthers
    Despite all the evidence, the Flat Earth Society was formed in 1956, for the purpose of convincing the world that the Earth is flat, not a sphere. The society flourished, but eventually disbanded in 2001.
    There’s something quite cute and affectionate, about this group, clinging to ancient belief, while exploration, science, photography, and common sense had long proved their belief to be wrong. The Flat Earth Society seems to have done no harm, and no vested interest was apparent in their membership.

    The same cannot be said of the COOL EARTHERS, Climate Skeptics. If they are wrong, – and all the science, observation, temperature rise, sea rise, melting glaciers, extreme weather events show that they are wrong, – they will pretty much have a criminal case to answer – to their children and grandchildren.

    Vested interest? It would be interesting to know of their connections to the fossil fuel industries. It is obvious that Senator Fielding is getting media attention and a position of power that he would never achieve if he chose to really study the facts, and perhaps get a little training in science and in analysing information.
    Christina Macpherson

  4. Theres a key difference that needs noting:

    1/Politically induced Climate Change
    2/Man induced Climate Change
    and 3/Climate Change.

    The BS equation PCC/MCC = Real co-variant of CC

  5. Three climate questions from Senator Fielding to Minister Wong

    Four independent scientist have today released the second edition of their due diligence analysis of Climate Change Minister Penny Wong’s answers to Senator Steve Fielding three question.

    In a new Appendix (H), they provide a critical analysis of the recent paper, authored by Professor Will Steffen of ANU, and issued by the Department of Climate Change on July 9, entitled “Climate Change 2009: Faster Change & More Serious Risks”

    Bob Carter, David Evans, Stewart Franks and Bill Kininmonth say that the Steffen Report fails to consider recent research that throws doubt on the IPCC’s central claim of a dangerous human influence on climate from carbon dioxide emissions.

    They conclude that the Steffen Report exhibits:

    • “an over-reliance on unvalidated computer model projections;

    • a failure to take full account of natural climate variability, and known short to mid-length climatic rhythms, to explain 20th century temperature changes;

    • an absence of any new empirical data in support of the concept of dangerous global warming caused by human carbon dioxide emissions; and

    • a failure to consider many recent papers and discussions containing evidence that conflicts with warming alarmism.”

    “In consequence, many of the conclusions of Climate Change 2009: Faster Change & More Serious Risks are misleading; and they are unsuitable, if not actually dangerous, as a basis for the development of public climate policy”, the scientists say.

    The new Appendix is accompanied by more than 100 references to recent papers in major scientific journals that contradict or throw significant doubt on the idea that human carbon dioxide emissions are causing dangerous global warming.


  6. No surprise that Bob Carter and William Kininmonth have come up with their objections to the Steffen Report. Both of these writers seem to have made Climate Change Denialism a career choice.

    The Steffen Report is the latest, and very comprehensive report showing that climate change is real and happening faster than what scientists had predicted.
    Professor Will Steffen wrote the report. He’s the executive director of the ANU’s Climate Change Institute.

    Prof Steffen spoke on ABC Radio on July 9th.: “In many important ways the climate system is moving near the upper limits of our understanding and indeed our model predictions. That’s understandable because emissions are moving towards the upper limits as well.

    What this means is, it gives us I think a sense of urgency as a global community to get on top of the emissions issue, to start getting those down quickly. And if we don’t I think there is a risk of quite serious impacts around many parts of Australia and indeed in other parts of the world.

    If only Prof Steffen’s report were a skimpy, improperly researched document – that would be nice. But it is one of too many thoroughly researched and referenced reports coming out now, to be ignored.

    Or to be brushed off with these nit-picking statements by Bob Carter, William Kininmonth, and Steve Fielding
    Robert New

  7. Conclusion:

    The First Casualty of Climate Change will be Penny Wong, people are waking up to the lack of principals = lack of policy of the Rudd government and ‘Climate Change’ cloak can only be worn for so long, arguments and debates about Climate Change and ETS does not provide a transport or energy policy, or stop corporations like BHP from stealing water and polluting the earth for countless generations to come…the only consistent policy of this government has been to flood the media mindscape with meaningless debate while their corporate partners in crime continue to fleece the nation dry.

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